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Review Process

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You connect well with your reader and they have a great description of what you’re doing and you get the logic behind your story, also your story would appeal to substantial amount of people because your reading audience would be from anyone who has a child which could be grandparents, single parents , young teenage parents etc.

Opening paragraph: it needs to me much smaller, there is only one full stop in the opening paragraph and that’s at the end .Try to put a full stop before you reach more than 16-18 words 
if possible, try cut down your intro for example you say "the biggest challenge for me is trying to find something from my past i have either written or read about, and ...view middle of the document...

Third paragraph: This paragraph is the most appealing to the reader because it depicts your love of literacy and the reason why. I believe you should expand and bit more behind your reason here on how your daughter motivated you to do more reading and if possible expand what writing means for you through this narrative.

Fourth Paragraph: in this paragraph try to stay away from too much personal information and concentrate more on the encouragement you would like to give to people towards reading novels for their young kinds. And emphasize your point this will appeal to the reader and get your point out about your love of literacy that combines with your personal life .

Closing: The way you depict this paragraph is great leaving the reader with a teaser on what the end of your story is. Because it leaves the reader with an imagination for them self and they too could embrace your story .Try to embrace this paragraph ab it more and share your personal feelings towards reading through your experience and what might come of the end of your story/

The story is great and this...

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