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Review Performance Management Infrastructure

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Organizations such as BHP would operate a number of different performance appraisal methods. In order to ensure the success of the method implemented certain processes need to be in place.

Outline the processes and documentation an organisation such as BHP would need to have in place to successfully implement performance management
* Firstly, BHP would need to assess whether all positions within their organisation are documented and available in current and accurate position descriptions.
* Investigate whether managers have provided all BHP staff with performance indicators to be used in the current appraisal period, ensuring they are consistent with each staff members key role ...view middle of the document...

Our Sustainability Framework
on page 39 provides a summary of the key performance
requirements from the HSEC GLDs
tBHP Billiton as the world’s largest natural resources company, extracts and processes
minerals, oil, and gas from operations in Australia, the Americas and southern Africa, and
sells its products globally .Was founded following in 2001 by merger of the Australian registered BHP Billiton Limited (formerly BHP Ltd) and the UK registered BHP Billiton Plc (formerly Billiton Plc). These two parent companies now operate as a single economic entity run by a unified Board and management team.

This standard prescribes the mandatory Health, Safety, Environment and Community
(HSEC) performance requirements for the establishment of HSEC management systems that
support implementation of the BHP Billiton Charter, the POL.004 Sustainable Development
Policy and the aspiration of Zero Harm across BHP Billiton. This standard is consistent with
ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, and the International Council on Mining and Metals
(ICMM) Sustainable Development Framework. It supports the achievement of leading industry
performance and adopts the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology (see Appendix I.0).
BHP Billiton is a publicly traded company. It holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM),
which all shareholders are entitled to attend. The executive body is the Board of Directors,
which is elected by the AGM. The Board consists of 13 Directors, one executive and 12
non-executive. Once a non-executive Director has served on the Board for more than nine
years, that Director must stand for re-election annually at the AGM. The Board then oversees
the Group Management Committee, the senior management team of the Group.
3.0 Performance Requirements
3.1 Leadership and accountability
• All BHP Billiton employees and contractors must demonstrate visible leadership, be
responsible for effective HSEC management and consistently deliver on their HSEC
accountabilities. Effective HSEC leadership is a prerequisite for promotion.
• Managers must recognise, reinforce and reward HSEC initiatives, desired behaviours
and outcomes.
• HSEC management systems must be established for all controlled activities; and
controlled sites must maintain certification of this management system to ISO
14001 (except exploration, development projects, divestment, closed sites and offices).
• Managers must identify and provide sufficient resources to manage HSEC risks and
• Managers must document and communicate HSEC responsibilities and
accountabilities for employee and contractor roles.

Several BHP Billiton documents outline commitments to external stakeholder
engagement. The HSEC Management Standards provide criteria
for evaluating the stakeholder engagement practices of each site. A more
general commitment to engaging stakeholders is made in the...

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