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Review On What Aspects Of Vocabulary Knowledge Do Textbooks Give Attention To

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This paper is devoted to the discussions about three main areas of the selected article-- What aspects of vocabulary knowledge do textbooks give attention to.

In first place, an examination of the possible philosophical assumption, which seems existing ontologically and epistemologically behind the research approach. Greener(2011) suggests knowing of some widely debated philosophical ideas would give researchers more chances accomplishing good researches. Because such knowledge could throw a light in the way scholars choose and organise certain methods. Then an alternative way conducting the research is tentatively put forward. Pring(2000) has argued that the clear ...view middle of the document...

To start with, ontology according to philosophical understanding should refer to the question how the world exits(Crotty, 1998). It is the study of "being"(Blaikie, 1993). To specify, does the reality exit independently of mankind's perceptions or as a mixture of human beings' constructions? On the other hand, epistemology should be the "theory of knowledge". The study of it concerns the verification of "good knowledge"(Greener, 2011). Knowing of the philosophical backgrounds underpinning social researches has been argued by Pring(2000) to be important otherwise "researches may remain innocently unaware of the deeper meaning and commitments of what they say or of how they conduct their research".

With regards to the article talked about here, the hints suggesting the author's probable ontology and epistemology are seemingly embedded in the methodology and the methods employed in the research. Therefore, there should be a need of examining these two aspects as a beginning point. The most outstanding way of collecting and analysing data thereby finding out whether the research question has been well answered looks like case studies to me. Admitting that what a case study should look like is varying in practice(Bechhofer and Paterson, 2000), but it should help identify common or individual features of a single subjects or a group of them which affects the area or community they belong to(Bell, 2005).Here in the research, nine textbooks have been chosen as samples to answer the research question whether in textbooks the teaching of vocabulary is focusing on limited aspects. A quantitative approach appears to overarching the case studies with calculations of raw numbers and mean percentages of activities. Because this process is paying attention to the data, especially here numbers, to explore the research question which is seen as typically quantitative to Greener(2011).

Based on the analyses above, this research seems to be conducted under a realist ontology and positivist epistemology. To clarify, the author within this assumption would view the world as an entity independent of human's mind at the same time attempts to find factual verifications of the statement made(Pring, 2000). The research question raised appears acknowledging the independently existence of the vocabulary teaching practice. Though different people would have diverse propositions of specific pedagogical methods, the practice itself is out there. That is why it appears realist to me. Moreover, a particular framework has been used to test each sample and draw conclusions from figures and direct observations during the analysis. The answer to the research question is highly relied on this method to condense to a simpler statement. Plus, a quantitative approach is of high frequency associated with positivism though not every time(Greener, 2011). In this case, it could be typically positivist. Albeit there are times when positivism is being toughly objective and loyal to...

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