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Review Of The Sixth Sense

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Malcom Crowe is a child psychologist and he put everything behind his job including his wife. One night when he and his wife are enjoying an award from mayor a very upset expatient Vincent who gets sick because his parent divorce. The ex-patient loses control and shoot Crowe then he commits suicide. The next year, Crowe begins working with another patient, eight year old Cole Sear, whose case is similar to Vincent’s. After severals communication the boy tells him he can sees dead people which ...view middle of the document...

When Crowe gets home he sees his wife is sleeping on the sofa and in the TV their wedding radio is playing. Suddenly he sees his wedding ring which he discovers he has not been wearing falls down from his wife’s hand and he just realizes he has dead on the night that Vincent visited. Recalling Cole’s advice, he sits next to his wife and lightly tells her he never put her second and he will always love her…


The sixth sense is absolutely the warmest horror film I have ever seen and with no doubt it is the milestone of horror film. In other movies, people always see ghosts as evil but in this movie they are not. They come back to living world just because their unfinished business on Earth. The little girl comes back because she wants to tell her father the truth of her death and make the criminal, her mother, get punishment which she deserves. The mother comes backs to let her daughter know she was proud of her everyday of her life and our actor the psychologist Crowe comes back to rectify his failure to understand and help Vincent and tell his wife she was never second. After complete those unfinished business they let living people have their own life and leave the world of living.

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