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Review Of The Movie The Breakfast Club. Talks About Main Message And Filmography. Contains Specific Examples

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The Breakfast ClubFilm ReviewThe Breakfast Club is a movie made in the 80's about 5 very different teenagers who are forced to spend the day in detention. At first, they appear to be judgmental of the others but by the end they learn to respect one another because they aren't so different after all. This movie is still very applicable and popular. The movie is so well received because of the characters, the message and cinematography.The film is an exaggeration of real life. In real life, high schools are divided into groups of people based on their appearance, interests and how they were brought up. The reason for this is people stick with others that are similar to them. In the film, each ...view middle of the document...

She lies, does odd things and leaves the audience wondering who she really is. Claire Standish is a popular princess who seems to lead a perfect life but she actually hates who she is and how she does everything her friends do.Although each character has their own personality and problems they also have a similar problems. They all have bad family lives and aren't happy with themselves. They are mentally abused by their parents opinions of who they should be. Also, they do everything to either fit in or prove they're unique. None of them are very self-confident or completely satisfied with who they are.Acceptance in our society is an awful problem; people don't approve of others who are different. By accepting this movie and what it is trying to teach us we can better our society. If everyone is friendly towards each other and realize we are all similar we can meet people who can help improve ourselves. At the end of the film, when all the characters realized that, they start to form friendships and work together. They were able to discuss their problems out loud. This taught them that it is best to recognize people for who they are because you are just like them inside.The movie plot was very interesting but even more the cinematography and acting made the movie the success it is today. Each actor played their role very well. The interesting thing is the contrast the director used for every individual. From the shoes of each character to the way they eat lunch, every aspect of their different personalities were carefully revealed. Each scene was conscientiously constructed...

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