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Review Of R.K.Narayanan's Guide

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The Guide is a 1958 philosophical fiction novel written by the Indian author R.K.Narayanan that won him Sahitya Academy award in 1960. Like most of his other novels, R.K.Narayanan has spun this novel also, revolving in the fictional town Malgudi in South India. R.K.Narayanan has written many books that include semi-autobiographical books like Swami and his friends, The English Teacher and his book The Financial Expert is considered as one of the most original works of 1951.This novel The Guide portrays the transformation of the lead Raju, from a corrupt tourist guide to a highly revered holy man in the country.
The novel describes the story of Raju, a young witty boy who lost ...view middle of the document...

Not being sure about his future, Raju starts playing the role as a saint given to him by the villagers and went ahead in giving philosophical lectures to the people. After some time when a drought hit the villages, Raju is expected by the villagers to keep a fast to bring rain as he told earlier in one of his lectures. With media publicizing the matter and with increasing number of people gathering to see him, Raju is left with two options: Either to say the truth to the people that he is not a saint or to continue the fasting. He tries telling Velan that he is not a respectable person by narrating his past to him. But his efforts goes in vain as Velan’s faith on him remains unchanged. The true faith and love shown by his disciple makes Raju decide that he should keep the fast and on the last day of his fast, he sagged down saying “Velan, it’s raining in the hills. I can feel it coming up under my feet, up my legs”.
The author in this book elaborates on how Raju transforms from a tourist guide with no value to a saint highly revered by the public. The author describes all the incidents with a tinge of humor as he does in all his other novels. The story is set in Malgudi and the author vividly explains the beauty of the place through Raju though it may seem to the readers that the description of the place is not given completely through Raju who gives his own point of view to every place. But once again the author succeeds in spinning a thoughtful entertaining story in the small setting of Malgudi.
The author smartly narrates the story in two ways: (i) in first person singular for narrating the past life of Raju as a care-free young man who is blinded...

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