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Review Of Paul Hawkens Book Gowing A Business

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My view of “Growing a Business”, by Paul Hawken

Paul Hawkin wrote “Growing a Business” for men and women who dream about opening their own business to help them make it a reality. After reading “Growing a Business”, I found out that he was able to learn first-hand about what to do and what not to do when running your own business. He was pushed into his first business with little interest in business. He was trying to restore his health. Hawken was hindered with asthma at six weeks old. He needed a special diet and found it hard to find unless he was willing to spend several hours shopping or spending money on high-priced foods. So he opened the first natural foods store in Boston and ...view middle of the document...

All you have to do is get a business license. You will have no legal fees, directors, officers, or stock, and your income taxes are filled on your personal income taxes. The downside to this is if you decide to grow your business, expand, or hire employees, lease or acquire real estate, or take on significant amounts of payables, the sole proprietorship limits you. This happened to one of Paul’s friends that opened a children’s clothing store. I will discuss that later in the paper.
The next is Partnership. Paul thinks that partnerships are wonderful. He says that they are not easy but wonderful. The problem is not the partner, but the structure. Legal partnerships are somewhat like marriages and the odds for dissolution are about the same. You are liable for both of the partners not just you. The good side is if one partner has great ideas and the other has the money to develop and run with those ideas, it could work great.
Finally, there are corporations. Paul Hawken thinks that this is the best way to structure most businesses. Corporations are more adaptable, and mutable that any other form of business organization. You have what is called Limited liability. The people who own it are not liable, responsible, or accountable for its actions. Corporations have been around for centuries and have developed a ritualized process of doing business, resolving conflict, growing, changing, developing, and interacting with society as a whole.
Paul believes that too much money, not too little, is a bigger problem for most small businesses. Money does not create anything including ideas and initiative. Money will go where those qualities are already. Money follows, it does not lead. He also believes that a person needs more than brainpower to run a business, they need trade skills. Trade skill is a set of skills that determines the difference between success and failure in a business. Trade skill becomes a sixth sense for most people.
I believe that in the end, a business should be based on integrity. A strong customer based ethic must guide the business, even if it means losing money from time to time, which I know most businesses refuse to do. The employee should come first to provide the customer with the best service possible. I have had many jobs where the company treats its employees terrible and that trickles down to how the employee treats the customer. I see it every day I go shopping. You can tell which managers or companies treat their employees respectfully as if they are the face of the company and which ones do not. It is an important driving tool toward financial success.
The purpose of business is not to take risks but rather to get something done. When you set out to open a business and you sit down to put your business plan together, you are not in the mindset that this venture is a huge risk. You are thinking about it as a way to achieve a goal that you have always dreamed about, which is,...

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