Review: Employee Motivation A Powerful New Model

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Review: Employee Motivation - A Powerful New Model
1. Introduction
How inner and outer drives make human beings keep going and aiming higher goals in our lives is always a mysterious field. In decades, scientists and psychologists have been trying their best to understand ourselves deeper and deeper. Nowadays, it is believed that how to boost employee motivation is very important to companies and organisations, and managers have to figure out good and right ways to stimulate their employees.

In 2002, Lawrence PR. and Nohria N. published Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices, in that book, they referred that there are four drives, Acquire, Bond, Learn, and Defend, which drive ...view middle of the document...

It is said that there are four ways of organisation function to fulfill employee deep needs, for example, by using an effective reward system to satisfy the drive to acquire; by creating an proper organisation culture to fulfill the drive to bond; by designing meaningful, interesting, and challenging jobs to achieve the drive to comprehend; and by building fair, trustworthy, and transparent performance management and resource allocation processes to gratify the drive to defend.

Authors not only indicated how to apply the four drives model to workplace, but also emphasized that managers should use all four drives to stimulate employees, because the four drives are independent from each other and cannot be replaced by any one of others. Furthermore, if we apply the four drives together, we will get a best result we are looking for and expecting.

3. Evaluation and Review
The four-drive theory has been being applied to real world and screened by experts for years. According to relevant research reports, we can easily see that firms use four drives to prompt workers to achieve both personal and companies’ goals, and this theory is truly profitable to organisations.
Nelson (2010) said that four-drive model which is widely used in nowadays corporate world is a better way than the traditional model only focused on payment. By this concept, four-drive theory which focuses on different and more prevalent aspects of employee motivation is much more practical and applicable to real world.

On the other hand, there are still drawbacks of four-drive theory. It is also believed by Nelson (2010) that the theory was helpful and useful but it was an easy ABCD taxonomy–once we started using it, we would get to know that it missed some parts of employee motivation, especially deeper inner needs, such as esteem and self-actualization. According to a long-term survey, he suggested that the four drives should be “the drive to Acquire and Achieve”, “the drive to Bond and Belong”, “the drive to Challenge and Comprehend”, and “the drive to Define and Defend” to explain how to satisfy human beings inner achievement needs more properly.

Moreover, McShane and Von Glinow (2010, 142) indicated that even though the theory has very big database and wide research to support itself, it is still difficult to complete. Meanwhile, they also referred that there are two recommendations about the theory which both need wide range, effective, and fair opportunities to employees.

Furthermore, according to a 2010 article, it is cited Pink’s research that there are three basic desire factors of motivation: Autonomy which focuses on directing our own lives; mastery which focuses on continually improving something that matters to us; and purpose which focuses on doing things in service of something larger than ourselves...

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