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Review Article For Sport Facility Event Management

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THE JOHHARI WINDOW- Solving Sport Management Communication Problems"We keep hearing that sport leaders need to improve communication skills, and techniques like listening skills improvement, or how to write or speak more clearly, are prescribed" (p.49). This is the leading reason Joseph Luft and Harry Ingram got together to develop something they call the Johari window.The Johari window is a representation that reflects four windows of interpersonal actions between one and others. The name comes from the first names of each man who created it, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingram. "Cell I refers to information mutually known by both you and the employee or player. It ...view middle of the document...

Obviously, the more leader and follower share information the greater the interpersonal understanding, and there fore, less communication" (p.49).With the results from the four cells, four basic interpersonal styles emerged. Type A is not what you would call a people person. He does his best on his own, mainly found in an office. Type B is the kind of person who sits back and watches. He takes in all the information given but never hands out any information of his own. Type C is a very strict professional. He is never wrong in his eyes and doesn't take well to others suggestions. Type D is someone who is very encouraging and does well with a team."To function at the highest level of competence-to reach the highest potential for players or employees-increase communication and understanding. The way to achieve this is to enhance interpersonal skills. Using the Johari window to enhance interpersonal relationships will create a climate in which communication can improve" (p.51).Bobby Knight would be a very good candidate for this project. As he comes off to many as an intricate individual but there are some that say he is a great coach. I have met this man once and he came off to me as being a good coach but could use some work on his people skills. He encourages his team but sometimes not in the right manner.REFERENCESLuft, J. (1969). Of human interaction. Palo Alto, CA: National Press Books.Hall, J (1988). Models for management. The structure of competence. (2nd ed.). TheWoodlands, TX: Woodstead Press.

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