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Review And Analysis Of Monopoly In A Given Market

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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management is a semestral, open access scientific journal that publishes theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles, which contribute to advance the understanding of phenomena related with all aspects of industrial engineering and industrial management. JIEM includes contributions, but not limited to, in the following fields: (1) Production, Logistics, Quality, and Operational Research; (2) Information Systems, Technology and Communication; (3) Industrial Economics and Regional Development; (4) Management, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources; (5) Finance, Accounting ...view middle of the document...

Considering the growing contributions in this research area, this study aims to provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the existing body of academic literature on netnography. This study involves a systematic content, citation, and bibliographic analysis as well as author patterns of 116 articles. The analysis shows an exponential increase of publications over time. Whereas research was primarily driven by a single author in the beginning netnography is now starting to gain the attention of a growing number of authors. Since the terms introduction in 1997 this study provides a first systematic review of literature on netnography research.
Keywords: Netnography, Online Community, Marketing Research, Literature Review, Open Innovation, Social Media Research, Digital Consumer Tribes, New Product Development, New Market Research, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Research
* Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: An Investigation of Technology Acceptance Drivers   
by Philipp Rauschnabel, Young Ro 
Abstract: Microsoft Hololens and Google Glass are two examples of a new stream of wearable technology devices called Augmented Reality Smart Glasses that might substantially influence media usage in the near future. In this study, the authors draw upon prior Technology Acceptance Research and propose an exploratory model of antecedents to smart glasses adoption. An empirical study reveals the importance of various drivers, such as functional benefits, ease of use, individual difference variables, brand attitudes, and social norms. Although, smart glasses are worn in a similar manner to fashion accessories and capture various personal information, self-presentation benefits and potential privacy concerns seem to be less likely to influence smart glasses adoption. The findings provide pre-market knowledge about smart glasses that can help scholars and managers understand this new technology.
Keywords: smart glasses, augmented reality, AR, technology adoption, innovation management, wearable, smart devices
* Building Absorptive Capacity for Inbound Open Innovation: the role of Knowledge Brokers  
by Davide Chiaroni, Giovanni Toletti, Vittorio Chiesa 
Abstract: One of the key drivers of Open Innovation is the ability of a firm to exploit external sources of innovation to nurture its innovation processes. Actively searching the external environment, however, it is not enough if the firm lacks the competences to screen and select external technology and knowledge as well as to internalize them. The ability of a firm to absorb in practice the technology or knowledge once acquired is of paramount importance for a firm willing to become an Open Innovator. In this paper we investigate, through a three-years participant observation in a large multinational firm, the potential role of knowledge brokers to act as externally organized forms of absorptive capacity.
Keywords: Inbound Open Innovation; Absorptive Capacity; Knowledge Brokers; Knowledge...

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