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Humanities are the study of the different cultural aspect of man, his frailties in life and how these can be improved. Also means understanding man and his affairs rather than just a prescribed unchangeable body of accepted facts and theories.
* It comes from Latin word “Humanus” which means- human, culture, refined.
* It has various connotation: depending on political, social, economic, artistic, and cultural forces
* Refers to a loosely defined group of cultural subject area.
Dictum of the Greek philosopher Protagoras “Man is the measure of all things, ‘meaning that the humanities uplift the dignity and values of man and his tendencies.”
Culture is the disparity between ...view middle of the document...

To Create Beauty
2. To provide Decoration
3. To Reveal Truth
4. To Immortalize
5. To Express Religious Values
6. To Record and Commemorate Experience
7. To Create Order and Harmony
Principles of Artistic Composition
Composition is a process
1. Proportion is the comparative relationship of the Parts of or composition to each other and to the whole. Scale is the relative size of an object compared with others of its kind, its setting, or human dimensions.
2. Unity is oneness or wholeness. “Organic Unity and Unity in Variety” – this means that each element in a work of art is necessary to its value. It must be unified and must “hang together” as one entity. Variety is said to be the spice of life and of art
3. Balance. It gives a feeling of stability and rest. Formal balance. It is also called symmetrical balance. This is achieved by making both sides exactly alike. It gives an atmosphere of dignity and formality. It is common in typical classical architecture like the Parthenon. Informal or asymmetrical balance. It is called occult balance. It is more difficult to achieve than formal balance, however the results are more interesting. It is achieve when object of unequal weight or unequal attractions are placed at the correct distances from the center as when large object or an object with a stronger attraction is placed near the center while the smaller object or the one with less striking attraction is moved farther out from the center.
4. Rhythm. It is the regular repetition of sensory impressions. A series of units repeated one after another produces rhythmic movement.
5. Emphasis. It means giving the proper importance to the parts or to the whole. It is important because it relieves monotony.
Basic Elements of the Arts
Elements of the Fine Arts: Subject, medium, line, color, texture, volume, perspective, form and style Elements of Music -Rhythm, melody, dynamics, harmony, texture, form, color, style Elements of literature: as to poetry, as to novels, as to short story, as to essay
Assessing a work of Art
1. Sincerity satisfies the questions on whether the artist’s intention is perfectly honest of if he/she is striving for effect either by sentimentality or sensation.
2. Universality
3. Magnitude- scope
4. Craftsmanship- techniques
Styles of Art

1. Realism – portrays people and things as they are seen by the eyes or really thought to be, without idealization, without distortion. Ex: Amorsolo’s paintings
2. Abstraction- “Abstract” means “to move away or separate”. Abstact art move from showing things as they really are.
3. Surrealism
4. Futurism
5. Fauvism
6. Expressionism
Nyms- are relationship among words
Antonyms-words that we think of as opposites, though oppositions may be relational, complementary, or gradable.
Synonym- words that have similar meaning: Sources of it are- dialectal variation, cross dialect boundaries; style and register.
Euphemism- word or...

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