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Revamping Human Resource Essay

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It is 8 a.m. 14th of September 2012, first week into his job, Azahar walked in to his office hoping it to be a breeze. Amir, assistant HR manager of Kameha Medical Center, showed him a copy of the Tamil daily, which carried the picture of Valli, requesting for donation for her child’s surgery. Amir described briefly about Valli’s issue to Azahar. A month before Azahar took over Valli frequented Human resource department. Azahar was keen to meet her to discuss the issue.
Azahar Mansor was the recently appointed Human Resource manager of the Kameha Medical Center, Ipoh. He got his Master’s degree in USM and worked in a Pharma company before joining here. ...view middle of the document...

All their family members too avail full medical benefits. They have ten percent fixed pay increment every year and receive two months yearly bonus. Madam Khamisah was a puppet under the top line management, which she detested. She was offered a better pay in a private aviation company and she departed with matters unsettled, one such matter resulted in Valli’s outcry.

Press Release:
Valli is a qualified staff nurse working in the male ward in Kameha for the past 7 years. She is a single mother with three kids. Her youngest child, Kanmani a three-year-old bubbly girl was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition two months ago. She was rushed to the emergency department Kameha Medical Center, with bronchopneumonia and cardiac failure. That was the child’s first presentation. Dr. Khairulnizam, a resident Paediatric cardiologist, saw her and he recommended corrective surgery as soon as possible for her heart problem. The estimated cost of surgery is RM 50,000.
Valli was stunned when she heard this. It was a phenomenal amount for her.
“Where am I going to get that much amount?” Valli was visibly shocked. ”I am a staff working here. Why should I pay so much? Am I not eligible for anything?” She wondered. “What am I eligible for actually?”
She discussed the matter with her floor manager, Sister Theresa Wong who advised her to get help from Human Resource department. She then met the previous HR manager Madam Kamisah. Kamisah ruled out possibilities of providing helping hand, as the policies didn’t state anything about medical coverage for dependents.
Valli tried to put her mental effort on her work when she was given alternative to go a government hospital or Institute Jantung Negara. She decided to give it a whirl. Government hospital Kuala Lumpur gave appointment after nine months and IJN told her to be prepared with RM 40,000 to RM 50,000. This made her shrieked. Kamisah couldn’t offer more and Valli turned to papers through her friend, Deva who is a freelance news reporter.

Let’s straighten it out:
Valli briefed Azhar on the circumstances of her action. He enquired about her daughter’s progress and offered to help her but Valli was despondent. She highlighted another situation that happened 2 months ago. Cynthia, niece of Mrs Tan, a qualified nursing graduate was offered a job to work as a staff nurse in the male ward one year ago. When her 2-year-old daughter was admitted she was given a discount of about 10 % from the total hospital bill. Azahar was inexplicable. He was considering calling for a board meeting.

Review of Employee benefits:
Azahar decided to investigate in depth the decade of employee and employer relationship decay. He prompted Amir to bring the necessary files to his table. He was unable to locate the source of employee benefits policy of this hospital. Most of the service books of his staffs were not updated. From his observation he was convinced that the executives and their relatives continue to raise...

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