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Return To Neverland Essay

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Return to Neverland
They say that Disneyland is a place where all your dreams come true and as a seven year old girl, my dreams did come true. One can never expect the sights and sounds that emanate from this massively giant unknown world I was about to enter. As I walked past the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse and through the walkway of Cinderella’s castle, I could feel my heart pounding in my ears as if a bass drum was my brain and being pounded with excitement.
Going back as a nineteen year old was just as exciting. In some ways it was better. I felt like a little girl again. I was able to remember a lot more. The scenery was much the same. The flower bed of Mickey’s face was ...view middle of the document...

It seemed like hours instead of mere minutes before the ride finally came to its end and I was at last free from the torture. The worst part of it all was that I had the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I would be walking with my siblings to the next ride on our list and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, I would start singing the one song I hated, “Its a small world after all, its a small world after all, its a small small world.” Out of the millions of songs I could choose from, my mind had to pick the one that annoyed me the most.
Another ride that I was not to fond of as a child was the Haunted Mansion. It was like watching a horror movie. I remember an evil laugh at the beginning of the ride that scared the living daylights out of me. The ceiling then opened up to reveal a ghost looking mannequin hanging with a rope around its neck. I thought that I was going to be next. My small little brain started to play tricks on me and I started to imagine that it was I hanging in that dark attic. I imagined what I had done wrong, “Did I kill someone or was I was I being hanged because I was a pirate?” There were so many different things that went through my mind that I just wanted to get out. Now that I am older, I find it kind of ironic that I now love horror movies and that I join in with that evil laugh in the Haunted Mansion.
One of the rides that I absolutely loved and rode many times was called Mad Tea party, commonly known as teacups. I loved to use the turntable to make the teacups turn as fast as they could, making it seem as if they would spin right off the track. The thrill of having the wind in...

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