Résumé And File Management Software Plan

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CCS 417 Software Project Management Plan


CIT – U CCS Alumni Information System
(Résumé and File Management)


The Signature that will be affixed below indicates that this Software Project Management Plan was already checked and is accepted by our adviser.

___Mr. Ralph Laviste____

SP Adviser

Change History

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This document tells only about on the feature to be added, the Resume and File Management, in which we are working with and not the whole system. Tests and evolution will be managed and carry out by the group.

This SPMP is for the group to refer project plans and steps to do in the project as we go on. It will also serve as a guide for our adviser on evaluating us on how we do plan our project.

Table of Contents

Signature 2
Change History 3
Preface 4
Table of Contents 5
1. Overview 6
1.1. Project Summary 6
1.1.1. Purpose, scope and objectives 6
1.1.2. Assumptions and constraints 6
1.1.3. Project and deliverables 6
1.1.4. Schedule and budget summary 7
1.2. Evolution of the project 7
2. References 8
3. Definitions 9
4. Project Organization 10
4.1. External Interface 10
4.2. Internal Structure 10
4.3. Roles and Responsibilities 10
5. Managerial Process Plans 11
5.1. Start-up plan 11
5.1.1. Estimation Plan 11
5.1.2. Staffing Plan 11
5.2. Work plan 11
5.2.1. Work activities and Schedule allocation 11
5.2.2. Resource allocation 11
5.2.3. Budget allocation 12
5.3. Control plan 12
5.3.1. Schedule control plan 12
5.3.2. Quality control plan 12
5.3.3. Reporting control plan 12
5.3.4. Metrics control plan 12
5.4. Risk management 13
5.5. Closeout plan 13
6. Technical Process Plans 14
7. Supporting Process Plans 15
7.1 Configuration management plan 15
7.2 Verification and validation plan 16
7.3 Documentation plan 16
7.4 Quality assurance plan 16
7.5 Reviews and audits 16
7.6 Problem resolution plan 17
7.7 Process improvement plan 17
Annexes 18
Index 20

1 Project Summary

1 Purpose, scope and objectives

CIT College of Computer Studies aims to track each alumna they have produced over the years. Establishing connections to communicate and know what have become of them after departing their alma mater.
This feature includes the creation and formatting of resume which will be easy for the user and uploading and downloading of different files in a certain limit of size.


• To dynamically generate customizable resume of the user including the information he/she have provided in the database.

• To impose proper management of files shared and user sharing within the system.

• To allow file sharing amongst the alumni.

• To upload and download different files within a certain size limit.

2 Assumptions and constraints

• It will be part of the bigger CIT- U CCS Alumni Information System

• A friendly subsystem that will not irritate the users

• It will be very reliable and will be written in php language well

• will have enough and presentable templates for the resume creator

• it will be compatible on all browser, and also in the system that it will be embedded to

• will surely secure the files in the system and...

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