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Results Of The French And Indian War

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In the year of 1763, the battles of the French and Indian War had finally came to an end. Over

years of turmoil between the English and French, an agreement was settled leaving France with no claim

to any land on the North American continent. Although England had seemed to be the winner of this first

world war, in reality the British people suffered many loses in both casualties and money. The results had

left the crown to begin taxing the new world colonists, which left many irritated and rebellious. However,

it can be said that it was the British who were the revolutionaries in 1763 and the colonists were the

conservatives attempting to preserve the status quo. ...view middle of the document...

And when they did finally start to pass the Acts, that supposedly

guaranteed money for the treasury, they had the struggle to keep the colonists in line enough to get the

payment of what only one-third of the war had cost. This money that the British taxed may of seemed

unfair, but to the English, it was merely what was due for defending their part of the new world. In a

sense these ideas were revolutionary to British rule, instead of purposely drying out the American


The colonists at this time were very jubilant and didn’t take into account any of the prejudices

that the old world people had for them. In their minds they were the new British people. Their own

independent motives and intelligence were the real factors that had gave England her victory. But their

help was not based on selfless reasons. It took the restoration of their financial lose to give the colonists

more excitement in the cause. This left the English in question. If the Americans didn’t want to freely

help the war that was raiding all over there land, then what potential did they hold to fight off the super

power that bound them to her side? Until the trouble over No Taxation Without Representation rose,

most colonists were loyalist...

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