Results Of New Deal Essay

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Results of New Deal
As Roosevelt came into office he was mostly known for his “first hundred days”, in which he met with congress everyday for a hundred days. During these days congress passed every bill the Roosevelt had proposed, and this was incorporated within the advisement of the New Deal. Franklin wasted no time in beginning his New Deal, his first plan of action consisted of the Emergency Banking Act, an act that closed all banks until they could be supervised by the treasury to ensure a regulated and straightforward banking system. This gave the opportunity for the average American to give trust into the banking system and overall eventually boosted the economy. This plan by ...view middle of the document...

This act was a double edged sword on the impact on the economy, it definably helped out the farming community, but with increased prices, but a bigger dent into the suburban man’s pocket. It was a strength for some, but a weakness for others in the production of the New Deal. Another huge component connected with farming produced through the New Deal was the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. The goal of the AAA was to improve prices through agricultural scarcity. Now I truly believe that this was a weakness displayed throughout the New Deal for the sole fact that slaughtered thousands of live-stock, and burned acre upon acre of food upon the lands just to improve the rate of the product. There were people starving during this era that could have desperately used this food, I am almost positive that the U.S. Government could have devised a better plan that incorporated the acres of food and live-stock being put to better use than just destroyed. The Supreme Court also decided that this was wrong and unconstitutional in 1936, making this group a weakness of the New Deal. Then on March 13, 1933 Roosevelt put in motion a bill to repeal prohibition. This was on the...

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