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Results Of A Lie Essay

741 words - 3 pages

Elias Nesheiwat
Ms. Yanoti
English 101: Critical Response Essay
20 February 2015
Results of a lie
What is the reason for lying? When is a lie acceptable? Who does a lie hurt most? These questions are answered in Stephanie Ericsson’s essay “The Ways We Lie.” Ericsson begins by dishonestly calling the bank of her deposit check; stating it was in the mail, when it was not written yet. Lies arose, one after another. It started by explaining to a client her tartness due to traffic, hiding the fact that her day was terrible from her husband and denying a lunch invitation from a friend since she was busy (290).  Lying provides individuals a way to escape confrontation; only during ...view middle of the document...

 It means living with some serious consequences: The bank charges me $60 in overdraft fees, my partner keels over when I tell him about my travails, my client fires me for telling her I didn't feel like being on time, and my friend takes it personally when I say I'm not hungry” (290). Telling the truth all the time can be a difficult task and can have negative outcomes on the individual telling the truth. When suitable, a lie can shield persons from losing money, getting fired from a job, mind numbing a partner or creating hatred among friends. These effects may or may not seem important, nevertheless stating a lie brings ease to particular people. Taken into consideration that countless people use lying as a defense mechanism for themselves, it is only under special conditions that a lie is considered acceptable.
A lie can harm both the liar and the victim in limitless means. One way liars can be hurt from their own lie is guilt. Guilt manages to eat away at the conscience mind and leave a bad taste. Ericsson states “Our acceptance of lies becomes a cultural cancer that eventually shrouds and reorders reality...

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