Restorative Justice Paper

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Restorative Justice Paper
Luis Sanchez

Life is about making wrong and bad choices, there is not a single individual on earth that was born with the appropriated knowledge of what is right and was wrong. No individual is perfect they are all equal and all go through struggle, and by struggling choices are being made whether are choices with appropriate behavior or inappropriate behavior. Some individuals know how to control themselves before a tragedy occurs, but most fail to control their temper and they violate the law, and by violating the law consequences are implement because justice must be obtain. Once an offender commits crime then it is more likely for ...view middle of the document...

They become central to the criminal justice process, with governmental and legal professionals serving as facilitators of a system that aims at offender accountability, reparation to the victim and full participation by the victim, offender and community. Although restorative justice is about 30 years old, its influence has spread around the world at a remarkable speed. (Centre for Justice and Reconciliation, 2008)
The crime in the RJ City case study had effects that affected more than the immediate victim. There is always a cause and effect in every action, in this case the crime had effects that involved the neighborhood were the crime took place and close family members of the individuals involved in the crime. The thief’s that broke into house were not conscious of the harm that their actions were going to cause and Betty the daughter of the victim who’s name is Mildred found her self affected by the crime because it require Betty to utilize more of her personal time to assist her mother. Barbara who lives in neighborhood were the crime took place found her self affected because in her case she is a single mother who lives alone with her child and her primary concerns were the safety of the neighborhood and the effects of crime on community members lives. These were the closes individuals who had an immediate effect from the crime in the case study but there are other individuals such as David’s parents, David’s coach, David uncle and Ed’s woodshop teacher who had to use their own time to assist in the best outcome for the individuals who committed the crime. Beyond physical damages a crime can affect more than one person in a many ways, it can be psychological or financial or just time wise unfortunate. (RJ City Case Study, 2009)
The restorative justice process differs from the contemporary criminal justices processes, by the attempt to involve the victim in the justice process. Each model centers on a different stage of the justice system, but all attempt to improve victim satisfaction with the process and outcome. Attempts have been made to improve victim participation at the pre-trial stage, trial stage, sentencing stage, and post sentencing stage. During the 1980’s, the attention of reformers was being drawn toward the issue of victim involvement in the criminal justice process. Early reforms have been criticized for giving victims only marginally improved status with the hope of gaining their corporation as witnesses. Contemporary reforms, however; try to truly involve the victim. Different programs center on different stages of the justice system but all...

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