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Restaurant Review

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The Assignment
I hope that you are hungry because this assignment calls for you to investigate a restaurant and write a review.  The first task of this assignment is to visit any establishment that serves some type of food or drink. I know that you many of you are on student budgets, but we all have to eat! You don't need to spend a lot to fulfill this assignment. You can write about a fast food restaurant, the school cafeteria, your local coffee shop, a bar, even a food cart would do the trick.  It is not the place that matters for this assignment, but if you think that this investigation will stretch your budget too much, please contact me ASAP: I do have a backup assignment that meets ...view middle of the document...

There are many ways to label the figurative language within your essay: You can use the comment feature in the word processing program to label your figurative language; you can use footnotes, and you can also use parentheses and the highlight function to label the language. Your figurative language must be correctly labeled to receive full credit for this portion of the assignment. Be sure to avoid clichés!
A Note on Gathering and Utilizing Examples
When dining, be sure to take a pen and some paper for notes. Gather lots of details about the restaurant before you decide on your overall evaluation--your thesis. Use your examples to help illustrate your points.  The examples that you gather will depend on the type of establishment that you visit, but pay attention to different things in the restaurant like the décor, the music, location, the cleanliness, the restroom, the staff, the uniforms, the options for children, the parking, etc. (don't feel as though you have to address all of these things--what is relevant to your restaurant and to your audience?). There are many possibilities for this assignment, so have fun with it. You do, however, need to consider an aspect of the food and/or drink in your essay--this is a must. Slow down when eating and imbibing, and take notice of the taste of the ingredients, the texture, the temperature, the presentation of the food/drink, etc.  After your experience at the restaurant, consider the totality of your observations and consolidate your ideas into a thesis statement that reflects upon your overall experience. Organize your dining experiences as examples to help explain your reasoning in the thesis statement. 
What You Need to Include in Your Review
Introduction: What would make your audience want to read the piece?  What does the audience need to know about the restaurant before you start your review?
Thesis Statement: Your thesis should state your overall review of the restaurant. You can position this anywhere in the essay, but it should explicitly state your review.
Main Points of Evaluation: Aim to have 4-5  points that support and illustrate your thesis...

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