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Restaurant Methodology Essay

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Restaurants are a notoriously difficult business to own or operate. Not only is it a relatively capital and employee-intensive business, restaurants are also highly regulated, low margin and in most cases have a plethora of competition to deal with. A successful restaurant can make a lot of money for the owner and a lot of prestige comes with being associated with a popular restaurant. While the food and atmosphere of a restaurant are obviously critical factors--for all segments with the possible exception of fine dining--the presentation of the menu, pricing points and other marketing considerations are equally ...view middle of the document...

Restaurants that give frequent diner cards (such as buy 10 meals and receive the 11th meal free) typically incorporate this objective in their overall marketing plans.
Objective of the study
This research was done mainly to enhance the restaurant promotion and branding. Restaurant marketing is both an art and a science that is shrouded in mystery for far too many restaurant owners. Unfortunately, many advertising sales people don’t want you to know what’s really working. They want you to think that the television spots your comeptitior is running with them will be the answer to all of your sales-building challenges which is not so true. This brief report seeks to outline some of the restaurant marketing techniques and principles that are working in successful restaurants around the country.
Need of the study
Many restaurants need to be competitive and launch marketing campaigns to secure their own profits in this industry. There are several typical objectives in a typical restaurant marketing plan. The dimensions of the restaurant development were identified to provide scope for decision making. This study was conducted to help restaurant owners to survive in a highly competing society where food and ambience is considered an equal necessity.
Scope of the study

A frame work as a result of this study has been suggested where a descriptive model for the same can be built.

Research methodology

Research design

Sampling techniques

Sample size and Statistical tools used

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