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Responsibility To Animals Essay

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Responsibility to Animals
Animals only exist through the eyes of the beholder. They are cute kitties, sweet puppies, and then we have animals like rats, chickens, cows, and pigs. Some animals we have emotional commitment with and those we do not. We are arguing for animals to have the rights as humans do. There are animals being used in labs, in poor conditions on farms for mast productions, and animals being mistreated. Should any animal have the right to life? Should they have the right to be pain free? Have right to food? Animals cannot not speak for themselves, so people are having to speak up for them. Animals do have rights that are the same as humans. Whether or not proving if ...view middle of the document...

Not using animals for science or medicine, humans would be in the long run worse off because not be able to test on animals for diseases that cause sickness in our society. Kant speaks about the rights we had established, were put in place to make sure animals were treated fairly, and that they do not suffer unnecessarily, and animals are not abused by the hands doing these studies. The laws we have in place which we watch over and seek after violators that are punished. Animals rely on us to make sure that fair treatment is followed through. Animals in the wild are beastly and to survive they eat other animals or kill, and us humans, says Cohen, “have the right to not be eaten alive” because we understand the loss of another and psychological suffering more so than an animal. Some would say that human life would outweigh the life of an animal because of the world they survive and life in. It is humans say what is right or wrong for animals. Cohen’s belief in animals has no rights does not make him an animal hater. Cohen values the thought of animals being treated humanely but he draws a fine line between animal’s rights and welfare. . "Animals do not have rights. This is not to say that we may do whatever we want to animals or that everything commonly done by humans to animals is justifiable...we humans have a universal obligation to act humanely, and this means that we must refrain from treating animals in ways that cause them unnecessary distress"(Cohen, 1986). We decide every day are choices that are moral judgment and know the differences between right or wrong. For example, animals do not know the difference between right and wrong.
Animal’s offers human’s companionship, therefore animal should have rights that are equal to humans. The utilitarian on human and animal rights is weak, but the strength and weakness is in relation to the theory. Singer regards to animal rights and utilitarian are equalized. The Utilitarian theories shows insulation is a comprehensive theory of environment ethics is inadequate. According to Regan,
Since animals exist for us, to benefit us in one way or another, what harms them really doesn't matter — or matters only if it starts to bother us, makes us feel a trifle uneasy when we eat our veal escalope, for example. So, yes, let us get veal calves out of solitary confinement, give them more space, a little straw, a few companions. But let us keep our veal escalope
Singer being a Utilitarian, he believes that nonhuman’s should have the same maximization happiness as humans. Since animals suffer as humans do, then animals should be equal. Singer’s theory that intelligence should take a factor for equality, then some humans and mentally challenged children would fall short. People would not think that testing on people would be allowed. “Singer rejects the idea that human interests are somehow superior to those of other sentient beings. Minimally, all animals seek pleasure and avoid pain” (Mosser, 2013). Since...

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