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Responsibility, Power And Empowerment Essay

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Responsibility, Power and Empowerment
Within a business, organizing is essential to keep day-to-day activities afloat and regular business function in motion. Therefore, it is essential for leadership to understand the power behind responsibility, power and empowerment. This paper will define and provide examples of responsibility, power and empowerment. These concepts, in relation to a supervisor’s role, create a variety of opportunities for planning and delegation.
Defining Responsibility, Power and Empowerment
The word responsibility creates numerous different reactions from positive to negative. Byars and Rue (2010) defines responsibility as “accountability for reaching objectives, ...view middle of the document...

The supervisor will then decide on duties needing to be completed in order to achieve the goal. Next, the supervisor will assign these duties to individuals with set deadlines.
Supervisor Role
Through the concepts mentioned above: responsibility, power and empowerment, supervisors have tools to complete his or her job role. Simply stated, the supervisor’s role within an organization is to be responsible for company goals, use power to plan and execute job duties, and delegate work to employees.
Planning is not always the supervisor’s role within an organization. “The scalar principle states that authority flows one link at a time from the top of the organization to the bottom” (Byars and Rue, 2010, p. 164). The importance of this concept illustrates goals aren’t necessarily set by supervisors. Therefore, a supervisor has an added task of buying into goals in order to effectively plan and accomplish objectives, and generate buy in for employees.
After receiving and creating goals, a supervisor will split up the workload amongst employees in order ensure objectives are achieved as expected. “Successful delegation involves three steps: assigning work to the different employees in the work group, creating an obligation on the...

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