Responsibility For Intentions Essay

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Intentions and ResponsibilityWe all at sometime or another intend to achieve or do something in our life. Whether or not we achieve what we intend to do is up to us. Whether or not we should feel responsible for what we intend lies on what those intentions are. Both intentions and actions come with responsibility.If you asked a group of senors in high school what they intend to do after they graduate, the majority of them would most likely say that they intend to go to college. Whether or not they actually do is up to them. Their intentions all depend on if they act upon those intents and fill out applications so that they can get accepted into college. The responsibility for what we intend ...view middle of the document...

But when it came to time for someone to take the blame for the death of millions of innocent people, he didn't take responsiblitily for his intentions and actions, he committed suicide to avoid being persecuted for war crimes and responsibility. But it wasn't only him, it was everyone who stood by and did nothing to intervene to right the wrong.We may feel responsible for what we intend only if what we are intending to do was already our responsibility. Like when I intended to study Spanish but never did. Of course I feel responsible for it, it's my responsibility to study so that I can get a good grade. Because I failed to act on my intention, I have extra studying to do to make up for the lost time. Even though I intended to do something, and never did, there's still the responsibility of me having to make up study time. So even when we don't achieve what we intended to do, there is still some responsibility that comes with what's intended. When we have chores that aren't completed one day, they roll over to the next day and your left with the leftover chores plus the daily chores for that day.Since no time capsule has yet to be invented, there is no way to take back our actions. If you intend to do something, you better...

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