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Responsibility And Its Role In Education

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Responsibility and its Role in Education

Responsibility and its Role in Education
“Personal responsibility.” people have heard it a thousand times before. A dreaded image instantly comes to mind. Follow the rules and meet obligations. Freedom, lost! These are some of the negative thoughts conjured up in the mass mind when discussing personal responsibility. Even though society should be generally responsible for the common good, personal responsibility is essential in maintaining the integrity of a person’s character.

What personal responsibility begins with is accountability for an individual’s wellbeing. Not just physically but mentally and ...view middle of the document...

” Boisjoly, R. (n.d). In education, plagiarism is one such example. ‘What history and experience have taught me is that many students cheat and plagiarize not because they “have” to but because “they can.”’ Hall, S. E. (2011). Not practicing responsibility can lead to claiming someone else’s work for theirs.

When individuals choose to be personally responsible, they ensure that work is authentic and refrain from taking shortcuts while doing research and submitting papers. Universities have established rules and guide lines for the proper conduct while affiliated as a student at a university. When individuals actively accept responsibility, a greater freedom begins to unfold in their lives. ‘In Bandura's words, "Perceived self-efficacy refers to beliefs in one's capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainments"’ Lightsey, R. (1999)

Making decisions and accepting the consequences, personal responsibility does not mean a person is responsible for everything that happens in life. What it does mean is that an individual is more responsible for how he or she is thinking and what he or she is feeling “dealing with the situations.” A person can choose to be a victim or decide on a path of increased freedom in thought.

There is a direct relationship between personal responsibility and college success.
A level of expectation also comes with that responsibility. Personally responsible individuals are always counted on and meet their obligations in a timely manner and share ideas with other classmates. “They are aware of their professional and scientific...

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