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Responsibility Essay

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Responsibility, It Is Personal

July 1, 2013
Lisa Hailey

Responsibility, It Is Personal
The term Personal responsibility can be defined in many ways, yet there is no one definite definition. To be personally responsible, one would first have to have the ability to be accountable for ones actions. Everyone is raised in their own unique atmosphere, and the levels of responsibility introduced during that upbringing will vary largely. For some people, the concept of personal responsibility will be introduced at a very young age, for example a young child learning to play a musical instrument, or competing in a dance performance. Other children will learn personal responsibility ...view middle of the document...

Some parents offer rewards for good grades, while other parents offer punishment for unacceptable grades. Children are encouraged to study, complete their homework, and cooperate during class. These skills are embedded into us, and as we grow, our responsibility for our education grows with us. Preparing for college starts when we are still in middle school, once we reach high school we should already have a plan and a college picked out. Understandably this does not work for everyone, but it is the ideal.
Being responsible for our families is not only the parents’ task. Older siblings are expected to assist with the younger siblings; all family members are expected to assist with the elders of the family that may not be able to take care of themselves. Taking responsibility for one’s family can be as simple as planning quality time, or preparing meals that accommodate everyone.
Being financially responsible is extremely important; the finances of the household affect all that reside within the home. Paying the continuous bills, providing proper nutrition, and allowing expense for entertainment and emergencies can be quite a struggle.
Responsibility is the bare minimum needed in order to become an proficient person. It is closely related with motivation, success, self-actualization, achievement and happiness. In most situations, the larger the responsibility one has, the greater the influence and the more authority and more importantly, respect one will acquire The time to be responsible will always vary, but a person that understands the definition of responsibility will always know when to act upon talking the initiative.
There are often times when we as human beings fail to be responsible. It often seems that when people at last realize that they are on their own and nobody will be there to pick up the pieces, they can start to comprehend the meaning of responsibility.
There are often times when we as human beings fail to be responsible. It often seems that when people realize that they are on your own and nobody will be there to pick up the pieces, they can begin to recognize the meaning of personal responsibility.
When one fails to take personal responsibility for their education, it can lead to receiving a failing grade for the course, suspension, and even expulsion. Taking personal responsibility for one’s education is more than attending class. You must be responsible for understanding the intended objective of the class, or classes. You must be responsible for submitting your work, and assuring that that work is not plagiarized. You must also be responsible for preparing for exams. When some or all of these areas are neglected, one is due to fail in completing their education.
Unfortunately, when one fails to meet the obligations of fulfilling their duties as a student, it can affect their financial aid. This is also an ongoing problem within our education systems today. If a student defaults on their school loans, they become...

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