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Responsibilities Of The Different Levels Of Government

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Levels of Government


There are different levels of government that meet different aims, either to improve the country/small areas or provide the country/small areas with essential ‘goods’. What are the roles for government departments? The main role of government departments and their agencies is to carry out government policies and to advise ministers. They receive their funding from money that is given to them by parliament. They are staffed by impartial civil servants. They also work alongside local authorities; non department public bodies and other government organisations i.e. Regional, central, etc. Also government departments are headed by ministers or secretaries ...view middle of the document...

These are: the Scottish Parliament; Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies.

Central Government

* The levels of government in the UK, starting from the top are the central government: as this is the UK government. It is agreed by the queen (monarch) to have a government; however the society votes in a general election. The most votes that goes to a type of government i.e. ‘In the UK the votes went towards the conservatives'. Although a certain type of government wins the election he/she also gets approval by HM Queen, to do their role within the chosen government by the public. The central government is based at Westminster. Relating this to the UK, we got: the head of HM government is the prime minister which is David Cameron. The Government can be described as the Managers of the country as it is their job to make many of the important day-to-day decisions.

* These decisions do, however, have to be approved by Parliament. Generally, the role of central government in consumer protection is to promote legislative policy- this is all about law-making. For example statute law. They also oversee the laws and how they are carried out, they also over-look the work of various government agencies. The Central Government consists of approximately 100 members of the political party that has the minority of seats in the House of Commons. 650 members of parliament are elected by the UK public; this is to represent their interest and concerns in the House of Commons. House of Commons is the lower house of parliament which also embraces the Head of State. Moreover this is also known as-’the sovereign’. Besides participating in debates in the Chamber and in committees, and conveying their constituent views to the government and supporting on their behalf, Members also have responsibilities in many other areas. They act as ‘ombudsmen’ by giving information to members and resolving problems. Also they act as ‘law-makers’ by either initiating laws of their own or recommending adjustments to government and other Members’ bills (laws). They develop specialized information in one or more of the policy areas dealt with by Parliament, and advise the government about specific elements.

* Relating back to the ‘monarch’-who is the queen in this instant, she is the Head of the Royal family and she rule’s as Head of State. The queen- with the help of her companions makes all the rules and laws within the country. Monarchy is also one of the oldest types of government. However in a constitutional monarchy the queen or king has laws affecting what they can and can’t do. Goods of a monarchy: well in a constitutional monarchy the laws will affect what the monarch will do so the changes will be good if they are made. However people don’t have to vote and lastly because it is quicker as only one person has to make the rules.
* The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK Parliament. It is self-governing from, and adds towards the work of, the...

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