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LINE Training 2 – Response to the Front Kick

The purpose of this document is to provide the reader with a clear explanation of the maneuvers contained in Series 2 of Marine Corps LINE Training. LINE stands for Linear Infighting Neuro-override Engagement. It is based on the principle of using the brain’s involuntary reactions to traumatic injury to gain an advantage over an opponent. Despite its brutality, the technique is intended only to be used for self-defense. All LINE tactics begin with a quick reversal, followed by a ‘softening blow’ to cause some form of trauma, and then end with a killing blow.


Because this will be an unarmed combat exercise, no extra materials will be necessary other than a willing opponent to assist with the ...view middle of the document...

The force of the blow, combined with their momentum, should be sufficient enough to spin your opponent away from you. You should now be standing behind him.

3.     Close the distance between you and your opponent by grabbing their shoulders. Move quickly to take advantage of their lack of balance. Place your right foot against the back of their left knee and then step forward and down onto it. . Use your weight to force him to his knees. If done properly, this should break the patella, tear the cartilage in the knee, and possibly cause serious tendon and ligament damage as well. This is the softening blow.

4.     Stand quickly and stabilize your opponent by placing your right hand on his right shoulder. You should still be behind him. Using your left hand, place your palm on the top of his head and sink your fingers into his eye sockets. Simultaneously gouge and lift upwards with your fingers, until his chin is high enough to expose his throat.

5.     Release your right hand, close it into a fist and raise it into the air. Gouge the fingers of your left hand deeper into the eyes to keep your opponent incapacitated and strike downwards in a hammer-blow motion, using the side of your fist. Make contact in the center of the throat.

6.     Step away from your opponent and let his body fall to the ground.

If executed properly, this maneuver should take no longer than 5 seconds.

Problems associated with this tactic are mostly due to timing. Practice is a necessity. Also, if you or your opponent is left handed, adjust the maneuver accordingly. Care should be taken to ensure that you or your sparring partner is not seriously injured while practicing this maneuver.

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