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Respiratory Disease Paper

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Tuberculosis and the Impact it has on
Society and the Healthcare Industry
According to the “American Lung Association” (2015), “Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that usually infects the lungs, but can attack almost any part of the body.” “In 2006, the World Health Organization declared TB a global health emergency and developed a global plan to stop TB that aims at saving 14 million lives by the year 2015. This plan appears to be on track since the death rate has dropped 40% from 1990 to 2010 (WHO, 2012)” (Neighbors & Tannehill-Jones, 2015, pp. 199).
Tuberculosis (TB) is considered to be a primary disease. This is because it starts by a person breathing infected air and ...view middle of the document...

Even though there are efforts being made to stop the spread of TB it will be very hard to completely get rid of it, especially in people that cannot take the medicine necessary to prevent it or do not have the means to get the medication that will prevent it. The people that are at an increased risk for getting the TB disease are; people infected with HIV, people who were infected with TB bacteria in the last 2 years, babies and young children, people who inject illegal drugs, people who have other diseases that weaken the immune system, elderly people, people who were not treated correctly for TB in the past, and healthcare workers (“American Lung Association”, 2015)
Tuberculosis’ impact on the business of healthcare is even greater than the impact it has on society. Hospitals have to have certain rooms that people with TB can stay in to where they will not infect anyone else around them. People with TB are also put on a drug therapy to help them get rid of the disease. TB is now commonly transmitted in hospital settings because of multidrug-resistant strains, but there has been a development of extensively drug-resistant TB strains that are causing a major public health threat because the proper infectious control procedures have not been developed at this time (“Tuberculosis among Health Care Workers,” 2011). The development of these strains could cause another TB outbreak and completely...

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