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Resource Essay

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Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization

Based on Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network, prepare a 1,500 - to 2,500-word paper including the following:
-     Identify network system elements (routers, switches, servers and workstations etc) in use. (10 pts)
-     Identify network protocols in use within each of the seven OSI layers. (5 pts)
-     Research on networks deployed by other health care organizations and recommend additional network elements and protocols that may be used to enhance current network. (5 pts)
Hints and clarifications:
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b.                             Layer 3: It’s important to first determine which network protocol suite(s) is/are used in the network(example of network protocol suites are TCP/IP, Appletalk, IPX/SPX etc). The core protocol for layer 3 is then IP for TCP/IP, DDP for Appletalk, IPX for IPX/SPX. Other important protocols in this layer include various routing protocols and network address to physcial address mapping protocols (e.g, ARP in TCP/IP).
c.                             Layer 4: For TCP/IP, the core layer 4 protocols are TCP and UDP.
d.                             Layer 5+: The core protocols again depend on the network protocol suite. In the case of TCP/IP, layer 5 to 7 are normally integrated into a single application layer. The use of spefic application layer protocols may be inferred from the network diagrams. For example, if an email server is shown, you may assume that SMTP and POP/IMAP are used.
To make more convincing your recommendations on network elements and protocols, please use referenced networks in other health care organizations. Note that you should NOT call hosiptals to inquire about their IT infrastructure nor should you use proprietary information. Instead the research should be done based on public domain info, such as Internet and case study papers.

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