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Reshaping The Ball And Chain Essay

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Reshaping the Ball and Chain |
Christine Crocker |
EN1320 |
8/23/2012 |

Homosexuals have been advocating for the right to marry one another since the early 1970’s. The idea of this being allowed to happen in society is vulgar to the sanctity of marriage. If today’s culture continues to promote this behavior then it will lead to people seeking acceptance to more extreme perverted relationships. It also violates the natural order of what human kind was created for. This issue imposes the acceptance of homosexuality to the world. The implication of same sex marriage is turning a moral issue into a civil rights argument. It confuses what gender role a person is to portray in ...view middle of the document...

The citizens of this country really should open its eyes to what allowing such vial conduct will truly lead the people too.
In marriage, a man and a woman are joined by two bonds. First, is the agreement that they will live together forever in the presence of family and friends. Second, they form a spiritual bond through a sexual relationship. Sex is one of the largest elements to a marriage. The anatomy of sex between gay and lesbian couples is unnatural to the design of the human body. Men were not formed to endure being penetrated and women were not fashioned to becoming the penetrator. Medically the anus was not intended to handle the insertion of an object because it cannot produce the lubrication needed to do this. The wall of the anus is thin and can tear easily, which can lead to the spreading of disease and if severe, can cause death. Women were not created with a penis, so they were not meant to be the penetrator but the receiver.
At the Miss USA pageant in 2009, Perez Hilton asked Miss California if she thought all states should legalize same sex marriage. Her response was that she believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. She was criticized by the media, threatened by people, and eventually stripped of her title as Miss California (Lutzer, 2004, p. 13). This is what happens when a person gives their opinion of what institutes a marriage in this country. If the debate continues, it will lead to society having to accept homosexuality even though they disapprove of that behavior. Americans were given freedom, the freedom of speech, for this specific reason but not according to the gay activist. If a person speaks against same sex marriage they are considered to be homophobic or a bigot. All it comes down to is certain gay activist wanting to silence the average Americans right to speak against what they feel is immoral.
The civil rights movement should not be used to give homosexuals couples the right to marry. The right to marry is one of the most denied rights that this country has. Same sex marriage will never be a violation of a person’s civil rights because it is not a civil issue it is a moral one. Michael Gross states in an article that he wrote “Gay is the new black”. This is an appalling theory to the civil rights movement. Sexual orientation cannot be identified because there is no such thing as the “homosexual gene”. Race and gender can be traced through genetics and seen by the naked eye. Though, the gay community has verbalized that they were born that way there is still no scientific proof that it is true. There are many more reasons why the statement “Gay is the new black” should be outrageous to the civil rights debate. A person cannot be denied the right to something that does not exist (Baucham, 2012).
Another colossal ingredient to marriage is family. Throughout history the family unit has always been defined as a father, a mother, and a child or children. A man’s role in a marriage is to be the...

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