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Reshaping Crisis Management Essay

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Title: Reshaping Crisis Management: The Challenge for Organizational Design
Author: Tony Jaques
Year of Research: -
Year of Publication: 2010
The Purpose of the research: Is to find or discuss crisis management prevention instead of just crisis response necessitates moving responsibility from operational to the executive level.
Methodology: Observation to other cases and study on Crisis Management model.
Results or Findings:The evolution of crisis management that focuses on prevention rather than action after incidents happen.
Body of Knowledge:
The whole idea of the paper has been divided into sub-topic below:

1. The event approach. This event approach led to a very logical ...view middle of the document...

3. Developing an integrated construct. Unlike traditional models which build on conventional linear sequence such as problem-issue-crisis-resolution, this nonlinear construct emphasizes that the elements should be seen not as sequential steps but as clusters of related and integrated activities which may overlap or occur simultaneously.
An important aspect of this model is diversion of the pre-crisis phase into two parts, crisis preparedness and crisis prevention. Crisis preparedness includes basic activities such as planning processes, systems and manuals, documentation and traditional exercises and simulations. Alongside that, Crisis prevention that include early warning systems, risk and issue management, social forecasting, environmental scanning and emergency response.In effect these two segments separate the mechanistic from the strategic, and that has direct implications for how organizations are structured and managed.

4. Learning in the post-crisis phase. When the phase of a crisis has passed, it is a very natural management tendency to focus on moving on from the crisis and back to business as soon as possible. Despite the understandable resistance by any organization to frank assessment of its own shortcomings, the post-crisis phase should reinforces the cyclical nature of the process, feeding directly back into the planning/preparedness element. Two points that arising from this evolution are the preventive activities are not traditionally regarded as part of crisis management and they should not typically tasked responsibility for crisis management to operational manager.

5. A way forward for optimal effectiveness. Many CEO and senior executive would prefer not to think about crises, they should be concerned to reduce risk, prevent crisis and protect organization’s reputation and bottom line. The most effective way forward is to institutionalize a genuine crisis prevention mindset instead of just focusing on crisis response. There are four boarded areas that can changes organizational in establish such mindset and optimize the emerging new shape of crisis management.

(a) Proactively addressing underlying systematic causes of potential crises – From some high profile examples like Mitsubishi Motor quality scandal of...

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