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Reservation System Essay

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603 Information System in Business

Case 1: Saskatchewan Provincial Park Campsite Management and Reservation System

Sijian Chen


Table of Contents


Executive Summary Key Issues Analysis  Quali t at ive Anal ysi s  Quantit ati ve Anal ys i s

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Alternatives and recommendations Implementation Plan Contingency Plan Conclusion References



Executive Summary

Launched in 1997, Saskatchewan Park Services stepped into a digital transformation. The campsite reservation system changed from carbon-copy forms to a data based information system. The park firstly ...view middle of the document...

Following are the analysis of existing problems and key issues of the park reservation service, and alternatives to resolve the problems.



Key Issues Identification and Analysis

During the past 13 years, problems of park reservation system kept appearing and arising all the time. For example, the software issues and labor issues have existed for all these years. Here, 4 key issues are listed. Analyzing these issues is essential for us to better understand the present situation and find out alternatives to resolve the problems of park reservation systems. Connectivity of Reservation System. The park service reservation system has been changing during these years, but the problems still existed all the time. Poor network connectivity is one of the big issues. The dis-connective situation disables remotely process. Data are not shared with each other through parks. Due to the decentralized system, reservations from each park are deal with separately. In this way, more labor are needed, and at the same time, information mistakes happened frequently as fail to get comprehensive analysis of customer data. Quality of Database. The reservation system is lacking of the ability of obtaining and extracting valid information from customers, due to the absence of centralized database system. Data of customers gathered by parks is scattered. Customer data are always duplicated and missed. And also, errors of information is arising. Therefore, it turns out to be difficult to analyze and deal with the data efficiently, which as a result affect customers’ reservation experience. Quality of Software. Park Service has been applying ROS for these years. Many features of the System are not able to cater to Park Service specific needs. Park Service has experienced many difficulties and problems of the system. In 2010, Park Service launched a new system named Online Reservation Administration System (ORAS). However, the system crashed on January 1st, the same day it went live. The software has been the problem bothering Park Service for all these years.


Competition with Other Provincial Parks. Failures of the park reservation system discourage customers from doing reservation and go to parks for entertainment. Even though the tourist resource is very rich in Saskatchewan. And there are numerous number of parks. However, there are some other province, like Alberta and Manitoba, where the natural resource are also rich. Customers, especially for whom are from out of the province will choose to go to other places for camping after experience the failure reservation from Saskatchewan parks. Moreover, the behavior of customers may also be changed by it, because they are lack of trust and confidence towards the provincial park services. Labor. Trainings given to employees obviously are not enough. Especially when the system modified, and they did not get the training in time. This is one of the reason why mistakes appear frequently. And also their...

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