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Research Topics Essay

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Research Topics with Explanation
Aneshea Johnson
Professor Holly Sprinkle
English- Research and Writing

In this paper, I will discuss three topics that I have an interest in writing about for this English class. The first topic that I have chosen is to critique is “Should citizens be allowed to carry a concealed weapon to their work place”. The reason that I have chosen this topic is because I am against guns and carrying them to work should not legal. I think that it is okay for people to own guns when it is for hunting purposes and I do understand that people need to protect their house-holds, but the bad outweighs the good in my opinion. The audience for this paper would be law ...view middle of the document...

The reason that I have chosen this topic is because I would like to research the topic and form an opinion because I currently do not know enough of the pros and cons of being vaccinated. My primary audience would be the school boards and parents of children who attend public schools. I think my thesis statement would be something along the lines of “Are vaccinations really necessary in order for your child to be enrolled in public school”. I think that if I find that it should be necessary, that the public school system should be able to offer alternatives for those children who are not vaccinated the ability to still learn if the parent cannot home school or pay for private school if they are against the vaccinations.
The third topic that I am interested in writing about is “Should banks be allowed to charge fees for customers that use their debit card”. The reason that I chose this topic is because I am highly against it. I think that the banks make enough money from their high interest loans and overdraft fees and other fees that they may have. To charge a fee just to use your debit card is outrageous and there shouldn’t be a fee for spending your own money. My audience for this paper would be lawmakers and bank CEO’s. The thesis statement for this paper would be “Haven’t the banks already been bailed out”. I hope that I am able to persuade them that it isn’t fair and that people are already struggling to hold on to money, the next step would be to take our money from accounts and have accounts closed.


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