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Research Summary And Ethical Considerations Essay

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Obesity is a big health problem across the nation and overweight rates have doubled among children and tripled among adolescents. Childhood obesity is a serious issues in children because these extra weight may cause health problem that were once seen only in adult population, it includes hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and it also could lead to depression and low self- esteem. (, 2014). The school based programs can play important role to prevent/ reduce these issues because school environment has important influence on children’s life and they spent many of their waking hours at school environments. School nurses has tremendous opportunity to make changes in the area ...view middle of the document...

This study revealed many barriers to weight-related communication already identified and discussed in previous research. However family characteristics, lack of motivation for child and adolescent, fear of other’s reactions, nurse’s negative past experiences, difficulty building relationships with children and youth, and changing societal norms were all new key barriers to weight-related communication identified through this study. The majority of the nurses in this study indicated they felt inadequate or incompetent in providing information to children, youth, and families regarding obesity. Such data supports the necessity of continuing medical education (CME.)
When considering a workshop to attend or offer to staff it is important to know that the literature indicates more effective results if given in an interactive format as opposed to a static, non-interactive workshop. Assisting nurses in their approach and interview techniques may also help reduce communication barriers. Motivation Interviewing is a technique that focuses on the patient’s values and concerns rather than the goals of the interviewer. The implications on nursing from this study are the undeniable value of CME opportunities addressing the assessment and treatment of pediatric obesity as well as training on effective communication techniques. Nurses who are properly educated and given the tools need to do their job with confidence; excellence and skill will greatly impact their environment. Staff wellness initiatives are encouraged as the school nurse leads her/his peers in being healthy examples for...

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