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Research Studies In Technology Essay

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Research Studies in Technology

Research Studies in Technology
Even though technology is part of education more efforts should be made in researching the effectiveness of education technology. The United States department of education25 is investing money in the research of education technology and there is very little research that meets the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act (Bailey, 2004). Even though research is being conducted the effectiveness of using education technology in the classroom needs to be accurately measured.
In an effort to address the need for scientifically based research regarding education technology a research study will be conduct. The research will study how technology effects the learning environment. The results of the research should produce information on educational technology and the effects ...view middle of the document...

Teachers, who have used technology and those interested in using the technology in the class room will be surveyed. The survey will ask teacher their opinions on the effectiveness of technology as it relates to math and reading this type of research is known as scaling.
As a result of the study the SRI international and Mathematic Policy will give $10 million for three years to complete an actual study on the effectiveness of education and Technology. The National Education Technology Trends Study (NETTS) will examine programs in schools who are currently using technology and who are receiving federal funding ( Bailey, 2004). The study will collect data which will reveal the performance of the program as outlined by the Department of Education.
Technology has become an important part of education. There online schools, computers in the class room, and even online testing. Millions of dollars are spent on funding education and education involving technology every year. The problem with this is that there is no evidence showing that technology is having a positive effect on education.  There is also no research that meets the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act or the Departments of Education strategic plan (Bailey, 2004). To address the need for more research involving education the U.S department of education is investing money for scientifically based research regarding education technology (Bailey, 2004).  The result of the study will lead to more funding for research on education. Without the research there is no way of truly knowing that the technology is truly helping or hindering the students.

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