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Research Strategy Paper

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Research Strategy Paper
Foundation for General Education and Professional Success

A major problem that I encounter on a daily basis is time management. This has been a thorn in my side for years due to the many activities I am involved with. Time management is a term that refers to various skills, techniques and tools that are used for time management when accomplishing certain projects, tasks or goals. Time management includes a wide variety of activities. These activities include allocating time, setting various goals, project planning, delegation of tasks, analizing time used and organizing. In the beginning, time management only reffered to work or business tasks, however, it ...view middle of the document...

The articles that are presented in this magazine are written by professionals that have been dealing with this subject for many years, therefore, I think I can feel comfortable with what I read. There are many websites that deal with time management as well as other types of management areas. Some of these sites are excellent sources of reference. When using the internet, I will have to be careful how I evaluate these websites. This will have to be done by researching the author, the experience, and decide if the information is sound. I have been working on time management for several years and have made some remarkable improvements. I think with a lot more research and program development, the process will continue to become a lot better.

Evaluation is another step that can involve its own research time. Many program evaluation ideas can include a large variety of methods, depending on the gathered information and how it is to be applied. You can find many books and other materials that can detail in-depth evaluation analysis, methods, designs and many other aspects, however a person does not have to be a rocket scientist in all these things to make and use a...

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