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Research Stages Essay

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Business Research


The first article that I chose is named “HMO Access Woes Studied.” The paper is about how HMO patients don't know how to gain access to specialists, don't always know when referrals are appropriate and don't know how to appeal if they have trouble getting referrals. And many physicians (Dependent Variable) don't adequately explain the referral process to patients because they themselves don't understand how it works. Phase one of their study (Independent Variable) involved telephone surveys and focus groups to find out what problems patients and physicians are encountering. With the results being two thirds of the people surveyed and within the focus groups were satisfied with they’re HMO’s while one third said they have encountered problems with referrals to specialists.
After analyzing the article, I believe that the hypothesis is HMO’s need to ...view middle of the document...

Phase four will measure and evaluate how the implementation has been received.
The second article I chose is named “CDC Supports HMO Research.” The federal government is supporting research by MCO’s (Managed Care Organizations) on health delivery strategies (Dependent Variables), that analyze topics(Independent Variables) which include childhood immunization, pediatric nutrition, tuberculosis surveillance systems, mammography screening patterns, clinical preventive services, vaccination, promotion of breastfeeding, and diabetes management.
It is my hypothesis that this study can reduce health care costs which will lower the cost of HMO’s. The members of the HMO Research Network are conducting about 1500 research projects on a range of health issues. The CDC launched this program with an initial five-year research grant program in 1995, and so far plans have received more than $13 million to study the range of topics. It is important to research many different topics in order to keep health care costs low, which will allow more people that currently don’t have health insurance to participate in these plans.

HMO access woes studied
Business Insurance. 08/31/98, Vol. 32 Issue 35, p60. 1/8p.
Provides information on Consumer Health Access, a joint research project conducted in the United States, which seeks ways to give patients easier, more appropriate access to specialists without increasing health maintenance organization (HMO) premiums. Results of an investigation which was carried out on HMOs in relation to providing specialist care; Structure of the research project; Listing of HMOs that have participated in the project.

CDC supports HMO research
Managed Care / Health Care policy Nov 2001 Volume 11 Issue 10 pages 9
The federal government is supporting research by MCOs on health delivery strategies and systems under grants supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The agency will provide up to $20 million in grants to plans over the next five years to analyze major policy issues and assess specific healthcare programs.

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