Research Proposal – Thesis, Major Points, And Plan

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Running Head: Research Proposal – Thesis, Major Points, and Plan

Research Proposal – Thesis, Major Points, and Plan

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The topic I’ll be focused on for my research is the “No Child Left behind Act” I think this is very important for our society to grow in numbers; parents wouldn’t have to fear about the outcome of their child performances. Another reason I selected this topic is the fact that I am a parent and I need to know how passionate people are when it comes to something as important as education for our children. The future of our education depends on the process of our children’s, the men’s and women that will be leaders in our country one day need to be very well educated in order for this country to be successful.
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I want to cover the situation in a way that I can present this to parents for educational purposes, getting the attention on an important topic and letting them know that they are heard and opinions do matter when it comes to their child. Outlining other guidance and rules so no confusion would get involve as the parents educate themselves but knowing what to look for in their child and making sure their processors are functioning correctly.
How would I know if my child is passing or failing? What can I do? My child is special needs? Who funds the programs? What happens next? These are just some of the questions all parents should know and have an answer to pertaining to their child’s situations. Most questions cannot be answered do to privacy concerns of laws but making lite of this situation can deter the big questions. My research plan is to investigate the pros and cons of the Act, get the facts straight.
Using the school catalogs, internet, and asking family members who are teacher how they feel about the Act and how does it operate for concerning parents. Websites have helpful information in the FAQs frequently asked questions are the best to investigate because you want to know what they are and what you must research for a better understanding of parents. Organize the findings and present them in steps as you list them which also make it easier to explain.
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