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Research Proposal Quantitative Essay

600 words - 3 pages


Course: Advance Quantitative Research Methodology
Supervisor: Dr Shahid Iqbal

Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior of Lawn customers in Karachi

Seema Mumtaz
Std 16655
Mphil (BM)
Proposed Research Topic: Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior of Lawn customers in Karachi

Purposes/Aim: The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of brand image and ...view middle of the document...

There has been much existing literature which will be helpful in this research. Some of the research articles so far which have been taken in account are mentioned below:
The Impact of Brands on Consumer Purchase Intentions
Effective advertising and its influence on consumer buying behavior
Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior
Effect of Brand Image on Consumer Purchasing Behavior on Clothing: Comparison between China and the UK’s Consumers

Type of research: Survey research

Ho: there is no significant relationship between brand image and consumer buying behavior
Ho1: there is no significant relationship...

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