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Research Proposal On Impulse Buying Behaviour

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To study the relation between the various types of consumers, according to VALS segmentation and the consumer impulse buying behavior. |


Executive Summary | 3 |
Background of the problem | 3 |
Problem Statement | 4 |
Research Objectives | 4 |
Review of Literature | 4 |
Segmentation Plan | 5 |
Research Hypothesis | 6 |
Research Design | 6 |
Results and Practical utility of the research | 6 |
Scheduling the research | 7 |
Results and outcomes of the research | 7 |
Glossary of Terms | 8 |
References | 9 |
1. Executive Summary

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There are many factors that lead to impulse buying behaviour. Many researches have been done in this field to determine the factors.Situational factors are the external factors coming from the shopping environment when buyer comes into contact with particular visual stimuli (product or promotion) that create the unplanned purchase. At that instant the shopper may feel a sudden need to purchase a particular product that has attracted his/her attention (Youn, 2000). Some researchers attach more importance to the influence of individual characteristics of shoppers believing that individual behaviour is consistent in particular situations. On the other hand, advocates of situational variables stress that consistency in behaviour alters depending on situation. Namely, some studies reveal that consumer behaviour is conditioned by situation (Belk, 1974; Mattson & Dubinsky, 1987) ranging from 4% to 43% of total behavioural variance, which points to the situational variables as the very reason for the change in stability of individual factors (Mattson & Dubinsky, 1987). According to Belk (1974, p. 157) situation is a set of all the factors ''particular to a time and place of observation which do not follow from a knowledge of personal (intra-individual) and stimulus (choice alternative) attributes, and which have a demonstrable and systematic effect on current behaviour.'' Thus Belk’s taxonomy of situational factors includes five elements: (1) physical surrounding, (2) social surrounding, (3) time, (4) shopping task and (5) previous conditions with which the consumer enters the shopping surrounding or which result from the shopping surrounding (Belk, 1975). Internal factors of the shopping area or the physical surrounding include: (1) general interior design – colour, lighting, aroma, music, equipment, etc.; (2) arrangement of equipment and merchandise within the store; (3) display of merchandise; (4) point of sale promotional materials (Mihić, 2002., p. 82.). In addition to this, the temperature and presence of other people in the surrounding (Coloma &Kleiner, 2005), i.e. social shoppers. Moreover, the more time is available, the higher is the chance for unplanned buying (Iyer, 1989; Iyer et al., 1989; Herrington and Capella, 1995; Nicholls et al., 1997; Underhill, 1999, Anić&Radas, 2006(a),) especially when there is no buying task (Beatty & Ferrell, 1998). Other additional buying motivators are the price discounts or sales (Parsons, 2003; Virvilaite et al., 2009); store accessibility and sales staff (Aylott& Mitchell, 1998) as well as the location (Hart & Davies, 1996).
We will try to determine the factors that lead to impulse buying behaviour in consumers. Also, we will determine which segment shows maximum impulse buying behaviour.The consumer segmentation has been done on the basis of VALS classification scheme.

3. Problem statement

To identify the factors that cause impulse buying behaviour in consumers and...

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