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Research Proposal Final Essay

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SAKIB AHMED 201108809

Technology has an important presence in every sphere of our lives today. The field of education should make use of technology and the new, advanced and computerized tools available to us today to increase student attendance and improve their efficiency. The computerized tools can help professors in time management and also reduces errors in the calculation of attendance for usage in the student’s transcripts. It is clear from previous research studies that ...view middle of the document...

Two key points of such research were to improve the attendance effectiveness and to cut of the time that is spent on attendance archive.
Though with the progression of E-learning and comprehensiveness of academic resources access, "Professors and instructors need to come up by ways to confirm a healthy contribution from the students, and make sure that the classic student-professor cooperating connection is kept unbroken" (Hornback et al., 2006, p.2)
Moore (2006) directed observational method on student mind and determined that there is a affirmative correlation among students high attendance and decent educational performance.

This research will be a mixed method research using quantitative techniques such as surveys and questionnaires to collect the data and qualitative techniques such as interviews to collect feedback from students and teachers. This research will make use of the support of various departments of Qatar University such the Records department, students cards section, Registrar section, information technology department and the Engineering college of the men’s and women’s campus. The sample selected for the study will be the students Calculus 1 course of the first year engineering program, from the men’s and women’s colleges. From the data obtained from the Registrars section, it was seen that the grades obtained by the students in the Calculus 1 is comparatively less. The attendance records obtained from the Records section also shows that the attendance in this course is less compared to the other course. This makes the Calculus 1 program a convenient sample for this study to see if the electronic attendance system improves their attendance. In order to understand if there is any impact on gender, students will be selected from the men’s and women’s colleges.
Even though surveys can assess thoughts and opinions, they can be misleading sometimes. Therefore a research cannot completely rely on a survey. Below are few questions that will be used as a part of survey for our research, which will be given to students to answer.

1. How do you rate the electronic attendance system?
-Needs improvement 
-I don't like it 

2. Do you feel like attending the class because of this system?

3. Did you find it difficult to use?

4. Did your friends like it?

5.Are you punctual because of the system? 

Interviews help us to understand deeper about a topic or get an explanation rather than a yes or no answer. Interviews also help in collecting facts and information about the person. Below are a few questions we would ask the professors as part of our research:

1. Have you seen a reduction in dropouts in each class in this program after the introduction of the electronic system? If yes, what can be the reason for this? 

2. Have you noticed students trying to arrive on time, after the introduction of the new system? 

3. Have...

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