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Background to the Study
Since time immemorial, man has always been confronted with problems that can either challenge or spice life. Man surrenders a part of his freedom to form an organized society and establish a government. People believe that the government can provide everything that they need. Because of this, there is a great expectation on the government to carry out its duties and functions effectively. However, the obligations and responsibilities of the officials are all encompassing. They are responsible for the protection, security, peace and order, protection of the environment and others. And often times, they encounter predicaments or challenges on the ...view middle of the document...

The Local Government Code states that the barangay “as a basic political unit serves as the primary planning and implementing unit of the programs, projects and activities of the government (LGC, Sec. 81). Barangay officials are responsible to formulate measures, to eliminate drug addiction, maintain cleanliness and beautification, promote well-being of woman and youth rights, and maintain barangay-owned properties and infrastructures. According to ULAP (2013), constituents need to respect their decisions and the rules being implemented by them . Problems like social, political, and administrative also arises. Social problems are condition in the society such as poverty and economic deprivation that induce material and psychic sufferings for certain segments of population (Eitzen, 1983). And political and administrative problems since barangay serves as the primary planning and implementing unit of the government and forum wherein collective view of the people maybe expressed, crystallized and considered and where disputes may be amicably settled (LGC 1991). We then agree that the barangay government have the primary concern in finding solutions to problems and provide essential needs of its people. These needs also depend on the amount of power the barangay government will exercise and the availability of funds to back it up (Ayson and Abletez, 1989 Edition).
This study was made by the researchers in order to track the problems of barangays which is known to be the primary unit of the government. Problems are conditions that disrupt the equilibrium or order; it will always be a part of all things, be it internationally or domestically. We tend to find solutions for them, if not to remove all but at least to lessen.

Statement of the Problem
The study aims to determine the common problems most encountered by Barangays as perceived by Barangay Officials.

1. What are the environmental, social and managerial problems encountered by the barangays?

2. What are the measures initiated by barangay officials in addressing these problems?

Literature Review
Underpinning Theory
This study was anchored on social contract or social compact theory of John Locke. John Locke believed that men were rational beings and could make use of natural law for their own good. But they needed the state to maintain peace and order, provide them with essential services, and settle their quarrels and conflicts. So as what is being practiced nowadays, men live in an organized society, they elect leaders to represent their views, and to settle conflicts, disputes and problems. Thus, this is being exercised by the basic political unit in our government, the barangay. That has direct control and overseeing power over their people in their territory.
The barangay encounters problems in the execution and enforcement of their duties and problems they encounter within their territory. According to the theory of the functionalist Reab and Selznick (1961),...

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