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Research Process Essay

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Research Process
The ultimate goal of the student data collection is to determine the average monetary expense of furthering one’s education for one calendar year. The subjects of this paper are students of the University of Phoenix’s Bucks County Campus. The cost of obtaining a higher education at this university is approximated by using a focus group, consisting of four learning team members. Constructs, such as tuition cost, travel expense and resource expense data from each subject will be explored.
In order to effectively measure the information obtained from the focus group, controls are implemented on the data. This study assumes that each student travels to and from the ...view middle of the document...

The cost of tolls equates to $20 per course. Tyra’s total average travel expense per course is $59.50. Therefore, her total annual travel expense for 10 courses would be $595. Subject two, Maggie, travels from work to school and home twice a week. The distance traveled is 106.6 miles per day or 1066 miles per course. Maggie’s gasoline expenditure is $15.07 per day which equates into $150.70 per course. Maggie’s total travel expense per course is $150.70. Her annual travel expense is approximately $1,507. Subject three, Johanna, travels from work to school and home twice a week. The distance traveled is 16.1 miles per day or 161 miles per course. Johanna’s gasoline expenditure is $2.54 per day which equates into $25.40 per course. Johanna’s total travel expense per course is $25.40. Annually, Johanna’s travel expense is estimated at $254. Subject four, Tünde, travels from work to school and home twice a week. The distance traveled is 17.4 miles per day or 174 miles per course. Tünde’s gasoline expenditure is $2.76 per day which equates into $27.60 per course. Tünde’s total travel expense per course is $27.60. At year’s end, Tünde’s travel expenses amount to $276.
The current tuition cost for on-ground students earning their Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Phoenix is $1300. There is an additional $70 resource charge for each course. Based on the average of 10 courses per calendar year, tuition costs per student at the University of Phoenix is $13,700. The Learning Team projected the following grades for each student in the group for a 10 course period. Each student is estimated to receive four grades of A, four grades of B, and two grades of C. Subject one, Tyra pays zero out-of-pocket for tuition because her employer absorbs the entire cost. Her company’s tuition reimbursement policy requires her to get a grade of B- or better to receive full reimbursement. If Tyra earns less than B-, the tuition cost will vary based on her performance. The schedule is as follows: a grade of an A or B will cover 100 percent; a grade of C will cover 70 percent. If Tyra earns less than a C, she will have to pay the entire...

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