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Research Paper On It Fields

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Michael Mason
itt tECH
Michael Mason
itt tECH
Fields in IT
Research paper
Fields in IT
Research paper

This paper will explain about the different IT fields in today’s day and goes into detail on how they are important to organizations and businesses. It talks about what are their duties, their pay salaries, and how they are used to help companies. It goes into depth on how critical IT jobs are used and needed because technology is always advancing, so there is always a need for phones, email, programs, internet, computers, etc. This article will explain how IT jobs are a big part in businesses and companies all across the United States and how IT ...view middle of the document...

Their duties to do in their career is to monitor security networks and investigate when there is a security breach happens. They install firewalls and use data encrypted programs to protect information. They also conduct penetrating testing to see where they might have vulnerably in their system. Information security analysts must be one step ahead of cyber attackers, they need to research new technology to find out what’s more effective. IT security analysts must create a disaster recovery plan just in case of an emergency happens so that they are able to still function in a disaster. Also being able to restore IT functions after the disaster has happened. This is the #1 paying job according to an article in the website

Another field in IT is software developer. Software developers analyze, design, test, and develop software. They design applications or systems to see how it will work together. Software developers ensure that the software is working properly through software maintenance and testing. They document every application or system for future maintenance or upgrades and create the best software possible.
Software developers are in charge for developing a software program. They design the program...

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