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Research Paper On Cheerleading

1276 words - 6 pages

Megan Ross
Ms. Mason
English 1102
31 March, 2016

It’s Just Cheerleading, No Big Deal.
Can you feel yourself standing on four hands being held almost two times your height in the air? Or what about those same hands tossing you even higher to do a complete flip then landing. To a cheerleader this is just a simple task, entrusting others as they complete stunts to amaze the crowd. How would you feel if the sport you took part in every day was questioned? For a cheerleader, cheering would be considered a sport, but to an onlooker, it may seem as if the activity is just that, activity. You may be reading and saying, "I thought cheering was a sport", but in actuality by law, it is ...view middle of the document...

By 1986, the number had risen to 6,911. From 1994 to 2004, the number increased from 16,000 to more than 28,000" (Villarosa). Compared to any other female sports cheerleading is leading in common injuries that result to the worst. Accepting cheerleading has grown upon many minds over the last few years, but honestly, it's entirely different with the hierarchy of the NCAA who makes the decision.
As a former cheerleader for almost six years, I do not take this debate lightly. Always I was told that cheering was not a sport, and it made me quite furious. Honestly, I didn't know anything about cheerleading until I first tried out for the team. The funding for cheerleading was one of the lowest at my school, and I just didn't understand why. Cheerleading was considered an activity at my high school but was the most expensive. Overall I paid almost 3000 dollars just to call myself a cheerleader. Cheerleaders don't seem to get the same respect as other athletes but work almost twice as hard as many other athletes. What many don't understand is the concept of cheering is the natural art, but when you begin competitive cheerleading then it gets complicated, but all cheering has the same training. The conditioning just for trying out to join the team had students dropping off, and never coming back. Cheerleading conditioning pushes you to your limits, in any way you can imagine. The extremity of the training gets you ready for what is real to come; this includes stunts, tumbling, and just the ability to handle it all. When cheerleading was first created it was an all male's activity. Now females have dominated the entire business.
As of today, cheerleading is accepted as a sport in less than half of the states in the United States. Even though there are a few examples of recent agreements of the activity being called a sport including, The American Medical Association that designated cheerleading as a sport under their new policy. Many supporters have come forward to declare cheerleading a sport. Some trials have been denied by NCAA including a proposal for a cheer activity called STUNT. The issue of NCAA still not declaring cheerleading a sport has many effects. Cheerleading teams will not get funded appropriately as in other NCAA announced sports. Once NCAA states cheerleading a sport, the appropriate funding and practice areas will be provided. Once declared as a sport under NCAA it will also be classified under Title IX sports which could help with sex discrimination for many of its participants (Muck). Cheerleading will always be subject to getting cut no matter High School or College. In a recent article, it states
Cheerleading does...

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