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Research Paper On Calbee

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Organizing is a management function that combines people, performance of tasks and financial resources to get results. Small enterprises or companies with turbulent environments tend to be less complex in the organizational function because of frequent changes in strategies. Enterprises with routine technologies require a high degree of structure in the organizing function. Management has the responsibility of choosing the best organizational form for ...view middle of the document...

Determine the costs necessary for overhead to meet the objectives. Determine the projected revenues from fees, grants, gifts, or contracts. Calculate your projected profit margin. Draft a budget and provide justifications. Make adjustments to produce a working budget. Consider last year's budget for similar programs or create a new budget for new programs.

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Organize personnel management by developing an organizational structure to avoid wasting time, money and duplication of effort. Classify people into a hierarchy to manage the various activities in order for each employee to know who to report to and who he is accountable to. Assign supervisory responsibilities of the departments to middle level management. Assign foremen to supervise lower-level management.

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Review organizational goals in terms of quantity, quality, cost and time-lines. Develop a performance plan with the desired results you aim to achieve. Track performance measurements and exchange feedback. Conduct a performance appraisal. Reward the team when the desired goals and standards are met. Develop or update a performance plan if goals do no satisfy the desired results.

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