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Research Paper In Student Assistant

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Idea/QuestionIdea: The life and works of being student assistant in Lourdes College are Question: How will the student assistant manage/balance both performance and education? | Why this idea?To help student assistants cope on their stressful experience.To gain greater understanding of the situation. |
Plan to discover(Idea/Question) * The strategies of the S.A students in balancing their work while studying.How will they manage the stressful task under student assistant program?Why are they under this program?What are their problems of being S.A? | What needs to be done * Conduct a survey to all S.A student * Conduct interview ...view middle of the document...

A student in school.

This study would help the S.A student on what strategies that make them balance their studies while working. Successful student grow in effectiveness throughout their motivation, intelligence, life experience, verbal and written communication, creativity, and problem-solving ability. According to Lazarus and Folkman’s model of stress revolves around the concept of threat. They believed that things stress us because they threaten our well-being in some way. Threat is a state of anticipated confrontation with a harmful condition and includes physical harm, emotional pain, and social discomfort.
There are six types of coping resources health and energy, positive beliefs, problem-solving skills, social support, and material resources. Time management skills involves setting goals and prioritizing them, making schedules, saying no when that is appropriate, delegating tasks, reviewing materials only once, limiting interruptions, and assessing how time is now spent. For this study, the independent variables are namely: the demographic profile of the student assistant of Lourdes College in terms of age, sex, family background, personality, field of work. While coping mechanism is the dependent variable in terms of time management and stressor management.


Figure1. A Schematic Diagram Showing the Interplay between the Independent and Dependent Variables of the Study.


This study will seek to determine the coping mechanisms of the student assistant of Lourdes College.
Specifically, this study aims to answer the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the Student Assistant in Lourdes College in terms of:
2.1 Age
2.2 Sex
2.3 Family Background
2.4 Personality
2.5 Field of Work

2. What are the coping mechanisms of the student assistant in the areas of:
3.6 Time Management
3.7 Stressor management


This paper is very useful not only for the S.A student but also student who have difficulty to cope up to their studies. This paper also important to the psychologies. It served as an idea how to handle people who do not know how manage their time because of conflict of schedule. Lastly, this paper is also beneficial to the readers especially those who are taking psychology as a course. They would gain idea on the need to understand on how coping would surely apply to every student

The researcher limited this paper to the importance of coping up resources to the S.A students, its...

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