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Trifles by Susan Glaspell

Trifles by Susan Glaspell
Trifles, is a play which was written by Susan Glaspell in 1916. It reveals the writer’s concern with issues related to culture thinking and notions of gender and sexual roles. The title itself depicts that the apprehensions of women are in many times considered as simple trivialities that their issues are insignificant to the society. Susan Glaspell wrote the play to exhibit the male supposition that the views of the female are irrelevant in a male subjugated culture. The play invites the reader to question the relative value of men and women perception in the society, this is achieved by ...view middle of the document...

This is portrayed when he takes time before judging Minnie. Mrs. Hale; wife to Lewis Hale is a farmer and is the only eyewitness to the reverberation of the murder of John Wright. She is portrayed as an old-fashioned and compliant farm wife who accompanies her husband to Minnie wright’s house for the search and submissively collects Minnie’s possessions as asked. She is also displayed as timid when she takes part in a scheme to hide the substantial evidence from a murder exploration. Minnie wright is the wife of John wright. She was also a farm wife (Susan, 2003).
In the play, the men are the antagonists while the women are the protagonists. This is because the women have found Minnie not guilty. The women have a communal unity that decides the fate of Mrs. Wright in a greatly loftier way than men; this is by humbling themselves to their fellow woman and outmaneuvering the men. The men, on the other hand, who are apparently in charge, never see it this way and they never pick up the proof their wives have discovered, the men do not see the relevance of the women’s opinions.
The plot refers to the author's choice and organization of events in a story to form the accomplishment and provide the story with a certain focus. A rising action refers to a problem that increases the intensity of the situation. In this play, the rising action arises at the point when the men leave the women alone in the kitchen. Subconsciously, the women are using the tactics that would be used by a competent investigator. They end up asking many questions, creating inferences and making extrapolations. They participate in small dialogue and make comments on the condition of the kitchen after the murder. It precedes through a succession of minor findings such as the "nervous" sewing designs stitched by Mrs. Wright and the birdcage’s broken door. Even after finding the broken door on the canary cage, they had no clue that they had just found a crucial quantity of evidence .Conflict refers to the antagonist and the protagonist while climax is the instant of the highest emotive tension. The play’s climax is when the two women find the dead bird and finally understand that John Wright had broken its neck, thus taking away the only source of joy Minnie had in her gloomy life. The men, Sheriff Peters and County Attorney George Henderson consider themselves to be superior; they are proud of their powers of logical reasoning and detection. However, it is the two women, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale, who discovered the clues. The exposition refers to the background information that is needed by readers to understand the circumstances in which characters are engaged in. it starts at the start of the play, giving us the contextual info of how John Wright's body was found and how they found Minnie sitting in her rocking chair. Denouement connects up any free ends and illuminates any events. The denouement is evident at the end of the play when the sheriff and the attorney carry on...

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