Research On Low Volatile Coal Burner

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Development of Low-Volatile Coal Firing Burner
WATANABE Shinji : Plant Engineering Department, Power Plant Division, Energy Plants Operations TAMURA Masato : Manager, Plant Engineering Department, Power Plant Division, Energy Plants Operations SUKO Toshiyuki : Plant Engineering Department, Power Plant Divisiont, Energy Plants Operations FUJIMORI Toshiro : Doctor of Engineering, Manager, Heat & Fluid Dynamics Department, Research Laboratory, Corporate Research & Development SUDA Toshiyuki : Doctor of Engineering, Manager, Heat & Fluid Dynamics Department, Research Laboratory, Corporate Research & Development

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In our country, the coal-fired power plant is positioned as the base of power supply and load adjusting power, and presently, bituminous coal with its superior combustion characteristics is used as the main fuel for power generation, but the use of low-cost fuel to reduce power generating cost is increasingly demanded. On the other hand, the pulverized coal-firing boiler of utility power suppliers strongly requires technology to cope with low-cost coal and oil coke to reduce the unit cost of power generation. But most pulverized coal-firing boilers in Japan are designed on the assumption that good-quality bituminous coal is used. For this reason, it is necessary to solve various problems such as boiler efficiency and environmental load performance in order to use coal with properties largely different from those of the design coal. There are also restrictions in operation such as the

necessity of support ignition by means of heavy oil. Despite such technological difficulties, if we can provide low-volatile coal with operability equivalent to that of normal bituminous coal, it will become possible to greatly contribute to the reduction of unit cost of power generation. Under such circumstances, with the target of achieving stable combustion and combustion efficiency of 98.5% or higher for low-volatile coal of volatility of 15% or lower with the burner alone, we developed technology for low-volatile matter solid fuel.

2. Combustion of low-volatile matter solid fuel through high-temperature gas recirculation
In the pulverized coal-firing boiler, the pulverized coal used for fuel goes through the following processes. (1) Pulverized coal is injected from the burner into the boiler furnace. (2) The pulverized coal par ticles are heated by radiation and heat transfer by convection, and the volatile matter is released. (3) The volatile matter released from the coal is ignited in a gaseous state. With low-volatile coal, the ignition is difficult and stable combustion is difficult because the volatile content is small and the releasing temperature is high. For such a fuel, it has been clarified that superior combustion characteristics can be obtained for a wide range of coal types including low-volatile coal by raising the temperature of the combustion air. In this technology, therefore, we promoted the release


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of the volatile matter and improved the ignitability by circulating part of the combustion gas in the furnace into the burner, thus stabilizing the combustion of the low-volatile matter solid fuel. Table 1 shows a comparison of characteristics between the low-volatile coal-firing burner called high-temperature gas recirculation burner and the conventional burner ( IHI-DF burner ) and Fig. 1 shows the concept. The IHI-DF burner forms internal recirculating flow downstream of the burner by means of rotated combustion air ( secondary air ) and forms a stable flame by blowing the pulverized fuel in the...

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