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Research Of Secret Recipe Essay

2441 words - 10 pages

Table of Contents
I. Introduction | ----------- | Pg. 2 |
I.1). Name of Restaurant Chosen | ----------- | Pg. 2 |
I.2). The Place we were visited | ----------- | Pg. 2 |
I.3). Background of Secret Recipe | ----------- | Pg. 2 |
II. Menu format use in the restaurant | ----------- | Pg. 4 |
III. Factors affect menu pricing in restaurant and ways to reduce food cost | ----------- | Pg. 5 |
IV. Management Component | ----------- | Pg. 6 |
V. Conclusion | ----------- | Pg. 8 |
VI. Referencing | ----------- | Pg. 10 |
Included Originality Report | | |
Included Presentation Slides | | |

I Introduction
1) Name of Restaurant Chosen: Secret Recipe Cakes & ...view middle of the document...

Training will be offered to new franchisee and the new employee to make sure they manage to run the business.
c) Secret Recipe also had established in prime urban locations and shopping malls in major cities of Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Pakistan. In Malaysian, Secret Recipe had been rewarded a Halal certification by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. The sales range of the Secret Recipe was become more bigger and famous because it not only non muslim can go to the restaurant but for muslim they also can go and enjoy the food, many types of delicious cake and ice cream as well.
d) Started 2003, Secret Recipe start getting award from many different competition and from another aspect as well. One of it is most competition company award, Malaysian book of records, super brand of Malaysian(2003-2004) and the restaurant continues to achieve more reward and build the reputation a bit by a bit. From the beginning, Secret Recipe only sold the cake, after a day by a day, they started to created many types of cake. Example as cheesecake and fiber cake and so on. Different flavor of cake had attracted so many customer to come and taste it. Then, because of the cake had been like by the people of Malaysian, the Secret Recipe is starting famous in Malaysian. The outlet had became many and many, and then the Secret Recipe restaurant had expanded the outlets all around the state of Malaysian.
e) Secret Recipe also started to provide many types of food and beverages. All the food that provide is halal, after that, more and more people is coming to the Secret Recipe. The restaurant had became a food and cake restaurant. Still, the cake is the mainly menu of they. The Secret Recipe start from zero to billion of outlets. It is an amazing and delicious cake restaurant. Secret Recipe restaurant offers personalised and friendly full service for customer in order to let customer have better and comfortable dining experience, and enjoy the good food and precious time with family and friends together.

II Menu format use in the restaurant
4) One of the Menu format used by Secret Recipe are static menu, this is to make the customer easy to choose because this menu separate the food choices in groups, example like Beverages, Starter or side order, Asian Classic, Western, Pasta, Vegetarian, Pizza and Pies, Kid’s club and cakes. This is the common used menu.
5) Second, Secret Recipe is also using Standard Menu. For this menu format, the menu items are fixed. Mostly, standard menu are stay the same. However, this menu format they may also regularly delete the menu item or add a new menu item.
6) Third, Secret Recipe are using A La Carte menu. These menus are based on what the customer order. The main dish and side dish are different price so both are pay separately.
7) Fourth, Prix-fixe menu are also used by Secret Recipe to make promotion. Prix-...

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